LONDON, August 28 /PRNewswire/ --

- But Sustainable Fashion and Eco Charities Still Fail to Convince

LONDON, August 28 /PRNewswire/ --

The majority of Brits believe that our own natural environment is in good health, according to the findings of a global study by market insight leader TNS. In contrast, the global environment is seen by 71% of us as 'poor' or at best 'fair', with our top three eco worries consisting of air pollution, deforestation and over-development. With such concerns in mind, more than half of the UK claim to have recently changed their ways to benefit the environment.

The 51% of us who say they have recently started to change their behaviour to become 'greener' is a higher proportion than globally (40%), but it implies 49% of us are pressing on in the same old ecologically damaging way. When asked to name what they do to be more 'green', shutting a computer down after use and kerbside recycling were in the top two priorities for 72%. Visiting the local recycling centre and air-drying laundry carries the same importance for 65%. Other improvements include: unplugging unused appliances (63%); buying re-usable products (63%); insulating and weather-proofing the house (61%); adjusting thermostats as seasons change (61%); asking to be removed from mailing lists (59%); and getting an annual vehicle tune-up (59%).

But we still turn our noses up at other ways of 'going green'. The most unpopular way of helping the environment is making our own cleaning supplies, with 76% of us 'rarely' or 'never' doing this. Similarly, buying eco-friendly clothing and shoes are unpopular with 59%, as were making donations to 'green' organisations. Other unpopular green behaviours include: organic gardening ('rarely' or 'never' score of 57%), giving green gifts (55%), washing clothes in cold water (54%), buying used clothing and furniture (50%), and making compost (46%).

Andrew Czarnowski, Managing Director of TNS' UK and Ireland Custom business said: "The survey underlined that people have strong opinions on green issues and there's good evidence of green behaviour in the UK. The danger is that we overestimate how good the state of the UK's own environment is, and become complacent in our efforts to become 'greener'. Messages about some basic but effective actions, for example recycling, have been understood and we are willing to accommodate these in our lifestyles. But with our negative view of the environment globally, we should recognise our responsibility to do whatever we can and be open to a wider range of 'green' behaviours, in order to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible."

The UK is nearly top in its awareness of the concept of a carbon footprint, with 94% saying they have heard of the term. Only Japan beat us - with a score of 97%. This compares to a global average of just 42%. The variations by country on this are significant with only 15% of those surveyed in Germany saying they have heard of the concept of a carbon footprint, and just 12% in Korea. Only 37% of those surveyed in the United States knew of the term.

Note to editors

In certain countries (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Thailand) where Internet penetration is low, caution should be taken with interpreting the results as online methodologies only represent a subset of the population.

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TNS completed analysis of the results of its 17-country study into green attitudes, perceptions and behaviours in June 2008. A total of 13,128 people were interviewed online in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States. The survey was conducting using panels, with the bulk of these provide by TNS 6thdimension access panels. In Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, the panels were provided by TNS partner Livra.

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