LONDON, September 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The global recession has changed the game for European businesses with cost savings top of the boardroom agenda. However, a combined article ( and video from Canon Europe ( and IDC ( released today, argues that organisations are short-changing themselves if they see suppliers of business and technology solutions just as a way to reduce costs.

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IDC insight shows that businesses across Europe are focused on growth, but at the same time are drowning in all the issues surrounding their business, costing them time and money.

IDC explains that the solution lies in working with trusted suppliers to take over the management of business-critical and business-specific systems and solutions. In the short video, ( IDC discusses that in order to maintain growth, it is possible to cut costs and improve business processes and that this is made possible by industry partnerships, which are adding real value to the customer experience.

Phil Sargeant, Research Manager at IDC said, Technological challenges have moved on from simply hardware and software. Just merging the two together doesn't always provide the best outcome. The partnership of two or more parties is an essential third element for customer growth and prosperity. It involves bringing their individual but complementary strengths together to deliver both a tailored solution and quality of service. IT organisations or consultancies that ignore this route to market will ultimately fail.

A second article ( from IDC also goes on to explain that partnerships can manifest themselves in many forms, from collaborative agreements to accreditation programmes and beyond. They can involve a wide range of providers including consultants, manufacturers, software developers and ultimately the customers themselves.

Gary Horsfall, Head of Consultancy Services at Canon Europe, said, It is essential that supplier-customer relationships are built on trust and focused on delivering outcomes as opposed to simple, off the shelf solutions. The value is in the specific problems that technology can solve, not trying to fit existing solutions to match customer needs. Effectively, cost savings become a healthy by-product of an overall solution designed to improve performance and productivity whilst solving specific challenges faced by businesses.

For Canon, this partnership approach is central to our strategy and we work closely with customers to ensure that they gain access to a suite of solutions and propositions that are centrally managed and designed to improve processes and add to their bottom line.

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