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- New TÜV SÜD Service for Motorists Travelling to Germany

In the future, motorists who want to drive freely everywhere in Germany, including in conurbations where environmental zones have been established, will need low-emission cars and 'emissions stickers'. This applies both to vehicles registered in Germany and vehicles registered abroad! TÜV SÜD now offers British motorists the opportunity to order emissions stickers simply and conveniently via the Internet.

Environmental zones have now been established in over 20 cities in Germany including Berlin, Hannover, Cologne and Dortmund. They are particularly common in popular tourist destinations in Southern Germany. All motorists intending to drive through German cities therefore need emissions stickers for their cars - or risk fines of up to 40 euros.

German emissions stickers, however, are not available at the border crossing stations. TÜV SÜD therefore now offers a convenient service for British motorists: "Motorists can order the emissions stickers online from us," says Wolfgang Eichler, member of the management team of TÜV SÜD Auto Service. Planning long in advance is not necessary.

"We ship stickers immediately, so that they should arrive within one to three days at latest," says Eichler. To order your emissions sticker: Go to http:// on the Internet, where you will find more information about environmental zones in Germany. When ordering your emissions sticker, have part 1 of your vehicle registration certificate (and/or your vehicle registration document) prepared in electronic format (e.g. as a pdf or jpg file). For EUR 14.99 including VAT and postage, you will receive your emissions sticker by post without delay. If your car does not qualify for an emissions sticker, we will inform you free of charge and reimburse your payment in full.

Bad luck for those motorists whose vehicles are not eligible for an emissions sticker, i.e. petrol cars first registered before 1 January 1993 and diesel cars without diesel particulate filter first registered before 31 December 1996. When visiting German cities which have established environmental zones, these drivers must park their cars outside these zones and continue their journey by taxi or public transport.

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