LONDON, July 16 --

- is the First Company in the UK to Make Available a Swine Flu
Test to Individuals and Companies Nationally

The swine flu test which can be purchased online costs GBP125 is carried out on
two swab samples and results are available with 2-3 days. The test kit is posted
to the patient’s home. Carefully following the instructions they take both
a nasal and throat swab sample. These swabs are then sealed in special packaging
before being posted to the private London laboratory for analysis.

The test looks to detect the presence of H1N1 viral RNA. People should only be
tested if they have symptoms of swine flu or have recently been exposed to the

Where a patient tests positive for swine flu, the HPA Swine Flu Response Centre
and their GP are notified.

The test is being used widely by companies to test employees. A key employee
may have been diagnosed by their doctor based on their symptoms and quarantined
at home for a period of 7-10 days before being allowed to return to work. If the
test result is negative and the employee is well enough, they can return to work
without posing a risk to the rest of the workforce.

As well as individuals buying the swine flu test, other organizations
benefiting from the test include some of the major airlines, schools, care
homes, nurseries, football clubs and restaurant.

Further Information for Editors is the UK’s largest direct to consumer health testing
service and is based on the principal of the individual’s right to know
about the state of their health. The company provides access to a comprehensive
range of health checks, blood tests and diagnostic testing from the top
accredited laboratories in the UK. The service is available to individuals and
businesses, and is provided in a compassionate, ethical manner with the highest
regard for confidentiality.

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