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- Solution Auto-Detects Fraudulent Messages, Increasing Users' Security

Acision, the world's leading messaging company, announces that Digitel GSM, Venezuela's mobile network operator, has chosen Acision Content Control to protect subscribers against receiving fraudulent messages and violations of their privacy.

The impact of receiving unsolicited spam messages can range from mere annoyance through to more serious issues of fraud. Taking steps to protect users from spam messages enhances the operator's reputation and has a positive impact on the overall quality of service experienced.

Acision Content Control detects unsolicited spam messages and controls messages received from other providers. By uniquely managing both SMPP and SS7 traffic the Acision solution controls both network and application based unsolicited messages. Further protection is offered to users through the enablement of 'third party aliasing'. This feature protects the user's identity from being captured preventing their number from being used to fraudulently send unsolicited messages.

Digitel was Venezuela's first GSM operator and has been offering SMS services since 1999. Today Venezuelans are the biggest users of SMS throughout the Latin American region, with the average user sending 8 messages a day. With the purchase of Acision Content Control, Digitel is continuing its established role as a provider of innovative solutions to the market.

Digitel GSM stated, With the deployment of Acision Content Control, we are able to guarantee the security of our customers on the network. We will be able to detect fraudulent messages and block un-solicited messages.

In addition to offering a solution that increases the security of Digitel customers and eliminating inconvenient spam messages, Acision Content Control contributes to cost reductions as a result of the automated traffic monitoring. Digitel joins over 20 operators worldwide who are protecting their customers with Acision Content Control, notes Eduardo Bueno, Acision's Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Latin America.

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