ZURICH, Switzerland, June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- DSwiss AG, the Internet data banking specialists, announced today the launch of DataInherit (http://www.datainherit.com), a new and innovative global Internet service offering a high security data safe with a unique digital inheritance feature.

DataInherit provides confidential data storage in a high security Swiss data center that customers can access on-demand. Users can assign their data, entirely or in part, to multiple beneficiaries to safeguard the information against potential loss, in the event of disability or death. Working together with its partners, DSwiss guarantees the secure notification of beneficiaries around the world in accordance with a customer's personal instructions.

With ever more transactions taking place on the Internet there is an increased importance on protecting our digital data. Unfortunately, many private individuals and companies are no longer able to effectively protect themselves from the threat of Internet crime, user error or force majeure. There is also the added complication of how to pass on this information or arrange for the inheritance of personal data without third-party assistance. DataInherit provides an effective solution for the protection and preservation of our customers' information assets, explains Tobias Christen, Director of Technology and Operations at DSwiss.

DataInherit offers peace of mind to family, business partners and friends with the guarantee that useful information such as bank account access details, passwords, contracts and wills, employment documents, intellectual property, business secrets, medical data and even memorabilia such as photographs will be passed on to the appropriate person when required.

Developed and designed by Swiss engineers, DataInherit can be accessed from any Internet browser and is simple and easy-to-use. It provides a user-friendly interface to make it accessible to a broad user-base including subscribers with little or no computer knowledge. There is also the possibility to sign-up for a free trial.

About DataInherit

DSwiss is an independent corporation, founded in 2006, with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The company specializes in ultra-secure Internet services and long-term custody of important digital data. Services provided by DSwiss include DataInherit, the world-class Internet data-safe with built-in data inheritance.

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For more information, please go to http://www.datainherit.com

Contact: Andreas Jacob Director of Customer Service and Business Partner Relations Tel.: +41-44-515-11-11 E-Mail: andreas.jacob@dswiss.com Internet: http://www.datainherit.com

Contact: Andreas Jacob, Director of Customer Service and Business Partner Relations, Tel.: +41-44-515-11-11, E-Mail: andreas.jacob@dswiss.com