ZURICH, March 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- DataInherit.com, the world's leading online bank for private password and document storage, announced today the launch of its free iPhone app, DataInherit Password Safe. The app gives individuals around the world the ability to manage and access their passwords anywhere and anytime. In addition, it offers high security and unique emergency protection through built-in data inheritance features.

In contrast to other apps DataInherit stores passwords centrally in its Swiss banking data centers. Centralized storage makes a difference as customers only need to enter or change a password once and then they have it available anytime and from all devices. The central data center also offers highest protection against loss as well as providing long-term preservation of customer data.

Developed by Swiss online banking security experts, all DataInherit online safes from DSwiss Ltd contain the irrevocable technical feature that ensure that DSwiss and any third parties are unable to view or access customer passwords or documents.

We received numerous requests from customers to provide the DataInherit Password Safe on the iPhone. They have become comfortable with using our service online but they wanted the added convenience of the service on their mobile phone. We have put an emphasis on making it simple and have focussed the app on what it's all about: Passwords available quickly when you need them, said Andreas Jacob, Director of Customer Business at DSwiss.

Existing DataInherit customers can download the DataInherit app from the iTunes store. New customers can open a free account on http://www.datainherit.com in less than a minute and will be able to use the iPhone app immediately.

Notes to Editors

- Free accounts can be opened at: http://www.datainherit.com - The free iPhone app DataInherit Password Safe can be downloaded from Apple's iTunes store at: http://itunes.apple.com/en/app/datainherit-password-safe/id359102857?mt=8 - Photos and screenshots of the iPhone app: http://www.datainherit.com/en/community_media/press_kit.html

About DataInherit

DataInherit online safes for private password and document storage are provided by DSwiss Ltd, a Swiss bank for information assets. DataInherit offers individuals and companies protection and intelligent applications for their increasingly important digital assets - passwords, codes, important documents and data. The newly launched iPhone app is one of a series of innovation that are planned by the Company over the next three years.

For more information, please go to: http://www.datainherit.com or you can follow us on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/data_inherit

SOURCE: DataInherit

CONTACT: Media Contacts: Victoria Tayler, Press Contact, e:contact@victoriatayler.com, t: +41-79-430-1915; Andreas Jacob, Director ofCustomer Business, e: andreas.jacob@dswiss.com, t: +41-44-515-1111