WATFORD, England, October 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Early Learning Centre is proud to announce this year's top selling and great value toys. Many of these great toys come with free accessory sets that compliment the toys. At ELC we understand the needs of parents and gifters so we are offering customers a lot more for their money.

Superstar Cool Keyboard Stool 3 - 8 yrs GBP40

This toy has been an ELC best seller for years and years. We sell this toy all year round and children absolutely love it. The keyboard has flashing lights and a stand for music or lyrics, lots of rhythm and instrument sounds, and drum buttons to hit. There is also a record and playback function and a detachable microphone.

Big City Garage 3 - 8 yrs GBP50

A fantastic three-storey garage with helipad, car lift, petrol pumps, carwash, ramp, parking sign and barriers. With lots of realistic sounds and lights showing up or down on the lift. This great garage also comes with 20 free Super Wheels Cars worth GBP25.

Tower Of Doom 3 - 8 yrs GBP75

A terrifyingly fabulous castle with lots of levels to explore and battle on. There are plenty of corners for baddies to hide around. With a working drawbridge, a slide to eject weakling enemies down, and a dark dungeon underneath to imprison captured knights, or keep beastly monsters. This toy comes with a free set of 6 Monster Warrior figures worth GBP25.

Farmyard Play set 3 - 8 yrs GBP35

A complete farm with pigsty, stables, cowshed, dog kennel, chicken hutch, fences and hayloft with moving pulley. This traditional toy comes with a free Farm Animal Set worth GBP15.

Lift-Off Rocket 18 months - 5yrs GBP35

A funky retro-rocket with three doors to open and realistic lift-off sounds. The cargo hold opens so the space buggy can zoom down a ramp and explore alien terrain. The living compartment opens to reveal a bed and kitchen for tired and hungry crew, and the top is where the two astronauts fly their missions. Also included is a space dog and alien in crater.

This rocket comes with a free Space Base worth GBP15, with a room for scientific experiments and includes 2 spacemen, a moon rock digger and a robot.

Cherry Lane Cottage GBP35 18 months - 5 yrs

The perfect first dolls house that opens up to reveal a charming two-storey cottage. Children can help the little dolls cook in the kitchen, wash in the bathroom or enjoy a nap in the bedroom. The house comes complete with dolls and cute pets. Customers will receive a free Roaming Rose Caravan worth GBP15 with this toy.

Happy land Funfair 18 months - 4yrs GBP35

Bring all the fun of the fair to your child's Happy Land. With a rocket ride, pirate swing, mini train and a carousel with music. Includes two children, a clown and a fairground worker.

An ELC bestseller since 2007.

Cash Register 3 - 8 yrs GBP16

An Early Learning Centre best seller for several years. With a scanner, chip pin machine and working microphone to make announcements. This toy comes complete with play money and credit card.

Sizzling Kitchen 3 - 8 yrs GBP65

A bright two-sided kitchen, with hob, oven, dishwasher, sink, storage rack for plates, side table for food preparation plus pots, pans and cutlery. The hob even sizzles when you place a pan on it. Brilliantly equipped, with plenty of storage inside. Great for play cooking alone or with friends. Free accessory set includes 50- piece set of cutlery, crockery, utensils, pots and pans.

Snow Queen Palace 3 - 8 yrs GBP75

This beautiful palace has a large ground floor, two main levels upstairs and three towers at the top. It works well on the floor, or on a play table. The sparkling pink building features glittery blue ivy, and a doves and bows motif. The open design means that little hands can reach in easily from all sides, and it is big enough for friends or siblings to play together. The palace is ready to inspire your child to create fairy tale adventures. Flip down the door to welcome handsome princes, or pull it up to keep out wicked witches. The ground floor could be used as stables or for royal pets. Upstairs there might be a ballroom, banqueting hall, spell centre or royal chambers. The Snow Queen Palace offers plenty of space for royal hide and seek, big parties and every kind of sparkling adventure your child invents.

Early Learning Centre toys are designed to inspire and ignite the imaginations of children aged 0 - 8 years old. To see the full range of toys visit http://www.elc.co.uk.

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