EDINBURGH, Scotland and LEBANON, New Hampshire, May 7 /PRNewswire/ --

- Shorter Run Times, Faster Data Analysis, Rapid Visualization

DEM Solutions today announce the latest release of EDEM that will set a new benchmark in particle simulation modeling software. Already offering the most advanced graphic user interface, EDEM 2.0 is now the fastest and most highly parallelized Discrete Element Modeling software on the market, providing users with increased scope and scale of particle simulation applications.

EDEM is already established in the design and analysis of particulate handling, processing, and manufacturing operations in almost every industry sector and engineering discipline. Now, with EDEM 2.0, DEM Solutions offers the best possible return on investment in DEM with the most versatile software available.

EDEM 2.0 is easy-to-use, offers an extensive set of features enabling a wide range of particulate processes to be simulated, and is customizable for user applications. It is also the first commercial DEM software able to simulate more than one million particles on a desktop computer.

Overview of new EDEM 2.0 features

*Faster solver with new multi-core parallel can compute on up to 8 CPU

*New compact file format provides a significant reduction in file size

*Tenfold increase in visualization speed

*Built-in video generation capabilities in all major video codecs

Upgrading to EDEM 2.0 will enhance the DEM user experience in numerous ways. It will allow the use of the latest technology in desktop multi-processor computers on the market. EDEM models containing very large number of particles can now be visualized and videos can be now be generated within EDEM as well as images using all major codecs.

Now, with EDEM 2.0, users can experience increased productivity, faster turn-around of projects, larger-scale simulations, and a greater range of applications, without requiring a substantial addition of data storage capacity (due to new compact file sizes).

"EDEM 2.0 is another milestone in the development of DEM as a key tool to help engineers solve critical particle handling and processing problems", says John Favier, CEO of DEM Solutions. "It is highly parallelized and is capable of simulating systems containing over a million particles using standard desktop multi-processor hardware. This release will enable our customers to increase their productivity and the scale of applications they can address using EDEM."

About DEM Solutions

DEM Solutions partners with their customers to improve their products and processes by simulating and analyzing operations at the particle scale. First released in 2005, EDEM software is now used in the design and analysis of particulate handling, processing, and manufacturing operations in almost every industry sector and engineering discipline.

EDEM provides companies with a tool to substantially reduce the number of physical prototypes and tests required to get a product to market or a process on-stream. It is used to help trouble-shoot difficult particulate processes and, because it is physics-based, it can greatly improve understanding of system fundamentals leading to better product and process design and innovation.

DEM Solutions' corporate headquarters are located in Edinburgh, Scotland with offices in Lebanon, New Hampshire and Frankfurt, Germany and Distributor representation worldwide.

For more information visit: http://www.dem-solutions.com

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