PROVO, Utah, September 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- eFileCabinet, Inc., a global provider of electronic document management solutions, today announced the release of eFileCabinet Version 5.0. This software upgrade contains in-demand features that allow eFileCabinet to expand its customer base worldwide and across a variety of vertical markets.

Features incorporated in v5.0 include document level indexing and full text search (OCR) for enhanced search capabilities, document retention to automatically purge, copy or archive files, workflow to streamline the exchange of documents between users, systematic file versioning to track the life span of documents and a flexible interface allowing users to import files from any program source in their native format.

Version 5.0 is our most robust and feature-rich product to date, said Matt Peterson, president and CEO of eFileCabinet. Our new features have been designed to make eFileCabinet a ubiquitous product that will serve the needs of businesses and organizations no matter their industry. Users can now look to eFileCabinet as their sole provider to capture their data digitally, quickly and easily manage and share those files, and safely backup them up though our core services: eFileCabinet Document Management System, SecureDrawer Client Portal Service and Concentsus Online Backup.

A full description of the new integrated features can be found at eFileCabinet v5.0 is available immediately by contacting eFileCabinet directly or via the company's nationwide network of value added resellers.

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eFileCabinet, Inc. offers a suite of enterprise content management (ECM) products and services that help businesses and individuals work quicker, smarter and more collaboratively. More than 22,000 users worldwide rely on eFileCabinet solutions to store, share and protect their valuable and confidential data assets. eFileCabinet offers several core products designed to address essential business data needs including eFileCabinet, an electronic document management solution to store and manage business documents and content, SecureDrawer, a client portal service to share and collaborate and Concentsus Online Backup for secure data protection. The company distributes its solutions both direct and through a worldwide network of value-added resellers that customize solutions to their client's specific needs. eFileCabinet is headquartered in Provo, Utah, USA and can be reached at 877-574-5505 or on the web at, and

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