LONDON, March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- MirriAd , the embedded advertising specialist, today announces it has extended its global partnership reach with Endemol to exploit embedded advertising opportunities. The new deals follow MirriAd's joint venture with Endemol India and cover the Latin American and Hispanic markets, and Spain. They are expected to produce revenues approaching $1m in the first year.

We are in an environment in which traditional advertising revenues are falling, largely due to consumers using Personal Video Recorders (PVRs) and a variety of VOD services and viewing content online rather than on a TV. Endemol is using MirriAd's embedded advertising technologies and expertise to create a compelling advertising environment in which the viewer is fully engaged. The brand references (e.g. props, signage, logos, videos and animations) are digitally inserted into existing video content to appear as if they were part of the original shoot. They can't be skipped or ignored and, crucially, can be changed to suit different markets giving advertisers more flexibility and surety of viewer engagement. Using MirriAd's online services, content owners have full editorial control of what, when and how a brand reference appears. Endemol Latin America (Endemol LatAm), Argentina's largest independent production company and MirriAd will jointly identify opportunities for the seamless insertion of branded imagery into new or existing video owned by Endemol, and third party content providers and broadcasters. In particular, MirriAd will develop a complete embedded advertising inventory for Endemol's award-winning soap, 'Mr. Pells', which will cover more than 100 episodes. Endemol's international hit 'Wipeout' game show will also feature embedded advertising in the most brand-attractive moments and will join other brands like Fanta, Renault, Coca-Cola and Unilever that worked with Endemol LatAm's branded entertainment division in 2008, generating significant revenues.

In addition, MirriAd has signed an exclusive one-year partnership with Endemol Spain to exploit embedded advertising opportunities in the region and expand Endemol's existing branded entertainment offering to include online video, as well as broadcast, to form a combined brand called 'Tattoo'.

In 2008, Endemol Spain's Gestmusic and Zeppelin TV production houses led the Spanish branded advertising market with programmes such as the popular talent show, 'Operacion Triunfo', and reality show 'Grande Hermano' (Big Brother). Teaming up with MirriAd will not only add a new product placement revenue stream that Endemol can sell, but will enable the company to embed advertising into online video, meaning it can also monetise content on its own web community portal, Portalmix.

Toni Cruz, CEO of Endemol Spain, comments; We have been working with brands in the broadcast space for a while and generating significant revenue from branded entertainment on TV, but the partnership with MirriAd means we can build on our experience and extend our business to include branded entertainment online as well as broadcast, which opens all kinds of incremental revenue opportunities for us.

Under the terms of the deals Endemol will market embedded advertising opportunities identified by MirriAd using its patented ZoneSenseTM technology. Using MirriAd's online services, potential advertisers have full editorial control and will be able to view an inventory of video files to identify content that matches their campaign requirements. Brand references are then tested in a low quality stream before a commitment is made, and the brand references are inserted into the source content as if they had been included in the original production. Those insertions may be static or dynamically linked to the content so that they move or 'morph' in response to on screen action.

Mark Popkiewicz, CEO at MirriAd adds; These deals with Endemol further establish product and brand placement as a new and complementary way for broadcasters and content owners to extract value from existing and new assets. And because MirriAd's technology allows advertisers to see what their video will look like before they commit to a final version, we can offer a flexible, low-risk way of achieving brand awareness and attachment at a time when ROI needs to be tracked and guaranteed.

About MirriAd Limited

MirriAd seamlessly embeds advertising into any video content, as if it was always there. The company's solutions allow content owners to effectively monetise their assets and deliver a means by which brands can capitalise on the worldwide shift from the analogue broadcast model to multi-platform, on-demand digital video delivery. London based MirriAd is the first and only company that has the ability to embed advertising, words, images and interactive hyperlinks cost-effectively, in small and large volume digital content and to a high quality on any platform using its proprietary ZoneSense(TM), technology. MirriAd is funded by venture capital funds including London Seed Capital, Oxford Technology Management and South East Growth Fund and by private investors led by Seraphim Capital.

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MirriAd was recently named in Library House's MediaTech top 100 list, which lists Europe's hottest private media technology companies, likely to have the biggest impact on the industry.

About Endemol Spain

Endemol Spain, the country's leading audiovisual entertainment company, is made up of seven audiovisual production and interactive content companies that create and produce all kinds of formats (contests, reality, talk show, fiction, among others). Zeppelin TV and Gestmusic's roster of successful reality show and contest productions includes Fama, Esta Casa Era Una Ruina, Gran Hermano, Los Mejores Anos, Mira Quien Baila and Operacion Triunfo. Four Endemol companies produce series, including Amar en Tiempos Revueltos from Diagonal TV on TVE, the most-watched primetime show on Mondays through Fridays; Diagonal TV's Ventdelpla, one of TV3's most-watched series; Nadir TV's L'Alqueria Blanca, the surprise success on Channel 9 that's garnered up to a 30% share; or Linze TV's Arrayan, which has aired for nine years on Canal Sur.

In addition, Endemol Spain owns Internet entertainment site Portalmix, and is promoting its catalog of interactive formats through Endemol Digital, a division that creates content specifically for new media (TDT, Internet, mobile) and which just premiered its new series, Bustamante, Uno de los Nuestros.

For further information please contact: Katharine Simon or Ian Hood, Babel PR E. T. +44(0)20-7434-5550 W. ENDEMOL ESPANA Katharine Simon E: T: +44-(0)207-434-5553 M: +44-(0)7500-038-458 W:

For further information please contact: Katharine Simon or Ian Hood, Babel PR, E., T. +44(0)20-7434-5550; ENDEMOL ESPANA, Katharine Simon, E:, T: +44-(0)207-434-5553, M: +44-(0)7500-038-458.