LONDON, June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- eSearchVision is happy to announce the launch of the 5th version of their Search Engine Marketing (SEM) optimisation software. In eSearchVision V5, the intuitive interface considerably simplifies the process of campaign creation, modification and control. Advertisers will have access to an improved suite of features including report analysis and audit procedures - among other features. The result is a 40 percent increase in scalability and productivity.

With version 5.0 of its Search Engine Marketing (SEM) software, eSearchVision will extend its already-strong market position as both full service agency and provider of superior technology. eSearchVision has always been connected to the major Search Engines via API and therefore combines bid and campaign management on a single platform. In addition to the optimised usability, the new version of the software allows a significantly quicker, more exact and fully dedicated search using filters. On top of that, individual and graphically supported reports can be created with only one click.

With features like drag and drop reporting, live optimization updating, and touch-of-a-button importing/exporting, eSearchVision has re-shaped their entire platform to provide a simple, yet effective way to manage and analyse SEM campaigns.

We have created a tool which is simple to use and allows effective and flexible management of Search Engine Marketing, says Derek Anderson, Sales Director of eSearchVision UK. New features such as drag and drop reporting or single-click importing/exporting make the platform adaptable to various business models. The fundamental advantages for our clients are the enhancement of scalability, productivity and ROI. We are working in an industry that is dynamically changing; permanent progress in terms of technology, services and quality is the key factor in order to further our market position that we have continued for over five years in the SEM sector.

About eSearchVision

eSearchVision is a search engine marketing agency and global technology company used by many of the largest brands across the world. Through continuous research and development by a team of engineers and quality-score expert account managers, the eSearchVision platform is at the forefront of paid search management technology. Founded in 2004, eSearchVision is a global company with offices in San Francisco, New York, Ann Arbor, Paris, Madrid, the UK and Munich.

For additional information on V5 or to set-up a free demo, contact Derek Anderson at +44(0)207-993-6857 ( or visit

For additional information on V5 or to set-up a free demo, contact Derek Anderson at +44(0)207-993-6857 (