LONDON, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- eSearchVision announced yesterday the release of V5, the latest version of the company's widely used SEM campaign management application. V5 promises to make creation, modification and overall management of SEM campaigns faster while also removing restrictions in data organization. The application is integrated with all major search engine APIs (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask, etc.) and allows efficient campaign management across all of these search engines in one user-friendly interface.

Through advanced bidding strategies, extensive tracking solutions and customized reporting options, V5 is strategically designed around maximizing quality score and efficient workflow. What really sets V5 apart, however, is a feature called Catalogue Management. Paid search initiatives are typically built around campaigns, adgroups and keywords, a practice that does not always make sense from an advertiser's business perspective. To combat this, V5's Catalogue Management tool enables advertisers to organize data according to business segments by tagging each campaign, adgroup or keyword with a unique value (i.e. brand, product, promotion). These tags are then used to sort and export data, allowing advertisers to evaluate campaigns based on their business structures. In addition, Catalogue Management is integrated with V5's bidding technology so that advertisers can define bidding strategies at the campaign, adgroup, keyword or catalogue level. With both custom tagging and bid integration, V5 allows not only evaluation of search engine performance indicators (campaigns, adgroups, keyword) but also true business indicators (Catalogues).

V5 is a new generation of SEM management solutions. With revolutionary workflow, it takes account structure to the next level and allows us to transcend the current constraints of SEM. Further, with V5, advertisers and agencies will also be able to integrate inventory data which will automatically affect bid strategies and price. This feature, coupled with our suite of Autobid products, ensures you are maximising ROI for the product or service offered. - Derek Anderson, UK Managing Director

Through continuous development of its in-house technology and optimization methodologies, eSearchVision consistently maximizes ROI for its clients. The company is flexible with a wide variety of service levels from full agency support to technology licensing.

About eSearchVision

eSearchVision is a search engine marketing agency and global technology company used by many of the largest brands across the world. Through continuous research and development by a team of engineers and quality-score expert account managers, the eSearchVision platform is at the forefront of paid search management technology. Founded in 2004, eSearchVision is a global company with offices in San Francisco, New York, Ann Arbor, Paris, Madrid, the UK and Munich.

For additional information on V5 or to set-up a free demo, contact Derek Anderson at +44(0)207-993-6857, or visit

For additional information on V5 or to set-up a free demo, contact Derek Anderson at +44(0)207-993-6857,