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Computer Generated Solutions, Inc. (CGS), a leader in innovative IT solutions and services, today announced that its long term services relationship between CGS Romania, a wholly-owned subsidiary, and AOL L.L.C., was recognized by FAO Research in a report published last week for having achieved value beyond initial contract expectations.

The report stated: "AOL and Computer Generated Solutions (CGS): This FAO contract, which began in 2005, is an example of a "toe-dipping approach" to outsourcing between AOL, a major corporation with greater than USD$10 million in annual revenue, that had a specific finance-related need and a relatively small FAO supplier, CGS, that not only exceeded expectations but continues to reap rewards of scope add-ons and geographic extensions. What began as a contract for outbound collection services for AOL in the US has become a service agreement that includes accounts receivable, credit and collections, reactivations, retention and sales covering the US and Europe. AOL selected CGS Romania (formerly Easycall) after an extensive supplier landscape analysis to leverage its accent-neutral service delivery location with a low level of competition for resources and a highly-skilled workforce. As a result of this partnership thus far, AOL's business has been transformed by FAO via cost reductions and accelerated ROI as well as enjoying incremental revenues."

"The recognized FAO engagements demonstrate the maturation and increased sophistication of organizations in viewing FAO as a strategy to improve business operations," says Lisa Ross, CEO of FAO Research. "While cost savings and labor arbitrage are important considerations, the strategic advantages of improved process efficiency are being realized along with consolidation of disparate systems. The evolution of engagements to harness the long-term benefits represents the next generation of this market that FAO Research terms "FAO 2.0." The teams honored in our 2008 'FAO Research Awards of Distinction' -- including CGS and AOL -- reflect this vision in action."

"Mutual trust between CGS and AOL has allowed us to expand our relationship in ways that continue to reduce operational expenses, speed time to market and improve customer satisfaction for our client," said Vlad Sterescu, Managing Director, CGS Romania. "We are delighted that the industry has recognized us as part of a best-in-class awards process of model outsourcing partners working together to overcome business challenges."

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Formerly Easycall Communications, CGS Romania S.R.L. is a leading outsourcing solutions provider of customer care, BPO, FAO, project management and managed services. Founded in 2002, with offices in Bucharest and Brashov, CGS Romania delivers multi language capabilities that include English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hungarian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, and Nordic languages. For more information visit .

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