DOHA, Qatar, DALLAS, and KIEV, Ukraine, November 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- ENTRUST, the U.S. company that provides identity-based security solutions for nine of the top 10 global e-governments, partnered with EDAPS, the Ukrainian consortium of high-tech companies, to provide INTERPOL with highly secure identification documents.

The INTERPOL e-Identification Card and e-Passport Booklet developed by these two global leaders provide the highest security credentials for INTERPOL staff, and law enforcement officers working on behalf of INTERPOL, said INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble. The credentials enable officials to identify themselves at international borders, at INTERPOL's General Secretariat or any other INTERPOL facility, as well as to securely communicate from virtually any fixed or mobile location in the world.

The CEOs of both EDAPS and ENTRUST agreed that the development of the INTERPOL secure documents should trigger worldwide commitments to ensuring global security by enabling officials traveling on INTERPOL-related matters to quickly cross borders in order to respond to serious crime, disasters and participate in official events.

These ICAO-compliant credentials can be tailored for any environment, whether the need is for electronic machine-readable travel documents (eMRTD) or more advanced BAC and EAC ePassports, said ENTRUST President and CEO Bill Conner. The e-Identification Card also authenticates vetted digital identities for secure physical and logical access to INTERPOL facilities, networks, desktops and mobile devices. As deliberate attacks on government and enterprise identities continue to grow in number and sophistication, proper identity-based security needs to be applied.

INTERPOL Secretary General Noble, re-elected to a third five-year term this week, emphasized the critical need for protection of communication infrastructures amidst the 35 billion devices - fixed and mobile - connected to the Internet.

The state-of-art INTERPOL e-Passport Booklet incorporates the highest security features, including laser engraving and holographic, micrographic and optical security elements, said EDAPS CEO Alexander Vassiliev.

The INTERPOL Travel Document initiative received approval from INTERPOL's Executive Committee in March 2009. All of INTERPOL's 188 member countries have demonstrated their commitment to this initiative through their official endorsement of the project at the 79th General Assembly.

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