CAMBRIDGE, England, January 27 /PRNewswire/ -- GLOBAL GRAPHICS (NYSE-Euronext: GLOG): Around half of large organizations (51 per cent) will deploy more enterprise-wide free software in 2010, according to new research. The trend is partly driven by the pressure on enterprise IT budgets; with two thirds of CIOs saying their budget is the same - or less - than in 2009. The full report is available at

Commissioned by Global Graphics, a developer of edocument and printing software, the research also shows that three quarters (76 per cent) of large organizations already use free applications across the enterprise. Indeed, over half (54 per cent) of large organizations use more than 10 different software products that are free. The findings are based on interviews with 400 CIOs from organizations with over 1000 employees across the US (300 CIOs) and the UK (100 CIOs).

The most deployed piece of free software is Adobe Reader which is used by 78 per cent of organizations (at an enterprise or departmental level), with Java Runtime Environment and Adobe Flash Player completing the top three. QuickTime, OpenOffice, Google Docs, Skype and Microsoft Save as PDF also make the top 10 most used free applications.

The main driver for using free software, cited by 47 per cent of CIOs, is to complement existing desktop applications to extend functionality to users that could not be provided using paid-for software. The replacement of Adobe Acrobat was cited by 38 per cent of CIOs, while 24 per cent are looking to free applications to replace Microsoft Office.

Free software is a critical part of large organizations' IT strategies, says Gary Fry, Chief Executive Officer, Global Graphics. Large organizations are perfectly prepared to use free applications where possible, and upgrade to a full paid-for version of the product where it makes sense for them.

Global Graphics - which develops software for Agfa, Quark, Fuji Xerox, Kodak, HP - is fighting for a place on the corporate desktop alongside Adobe, Google and Microsoft by providing enterprise-level productivity applications.

That's why we created a free multi-format document viewer and creation product - gDoc Creator - as part of our freemium strategy, adds Fry. It provides a free alternative to a lot of what is offered by Adobe Acrobat, a paid-for application that 38 per cent of CIOs are looking to replace. That creates a real opportunity for us.

Free software is used throughout organizations but is most prevalent at the desktop (82 per cent) and application level (78 per cent), although 35 per cent of large organizations are also deploying free applications within the data centre.

Global Graphics recently launched the most comprehensive enterprise-level free PDF creation and viewing software; gDoc Creator - The easy to use free PDF software is available for download by individual office workers and consumers, and is available under a corporate licensing plan for the enterprise.

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