CAMBRIDGE, England, May 25, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- GLOBAL GRAPHICS (NYSE-Euronext: GLOG): Global Graphics, a developer of e-document software, today launches gDoc Fusion 2.5 to help organisations regain lost office productivity.

gDoc Fusion is a quick and easy to use desktop software application that allows multiple incompatible files to be merged into a single document through a simple drag and drop action. It enables users to create a summary, report or other document that combines spreadsheets, slides, images, text, PDFs and more than 200 other types of documents. Users simply drag files into gDoc Fusion, pick the pages they want and press save - no extra formatting or conversion is required.

Gary Fry, CEO, Global Graphics, comments: While technology is supposed to be making our lives easier, the average office worker is now overwhelmed by the sheer volume of different document types required for basic tasks. Global Graphics aims to revolutionise document creation tasks by redrawing the lines of this marketplace.

Global Graphics' market research shows that 52% of office workers find it difficult to create a new document, such as a summary report, from a variety of different file formats. With the rise of different software applications in the workplace, the company believes there is a need for simplification tools to reduce the complexity of day-to-day tasks.

Enterprises are leaking money as the hidden costs of inefficient working practices cause major frustration and leech productivity. gDoc Fusion opens up a whole new way of working and increased profitability through helping office workers to get things done. Critical business information can be unlocked from legacy formats even when the original application is not present, adds Fry.

Angela Eager, senior analyst at Ovum, comments: Ovum believes that the solution is very timely and well aligned with the requirements of enterprises that require an inexpensive and flexible way to quickly assemble documents from pages in different formats for tasks such as report creation.

gDoc Fusion 2.5 key features:

Assembly View - collate, convert, read and share documents from over 200 different formats in a single view page. New page preview functions save extra time and 'page stacks' feature allows easy organisation of chapters or document sections

Multi-format viewer - gDoc Fusion is now able to view more than 200 word processor, spreadsheet, image and drawing formats

LaunchPad - Compact interface that takes up a minimum of screen space, making it easy to use drag-and-drop action to open the files

30-day trial - Full product functionality now available for a 30-day evaluation period. After 30 days the product still provides free multi-format viewing and PDF creation

Flick View - saves time and printing costs by allowing users to quickly visually search through the pages to find information, just like a physical document

Pricing and Availability

gDoc Fusion can be trialled for free for 30 days by downloading the software from and is also available from a number of selected resellers worldwide.

gDoc Fusion is currently available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The full version costs $100 for a single user licence, with discounting for enterprise deployments.

Note to editors

Review copies and screenshots of gDoc Fusion are available.

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