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- BlackBerry(R) Client Enhances User Experience and Improves Productivity of Mobile Users with Increased Performance and Fidelity

IGLOO Software (, a leading provider of on-demand community and social software solutions today announced the release of its BlackBerry(R) Client application. Community members can now access and contribute content to their online communities not only from a standard web browser, but also from their BlackBerry Smartphone.


This client application extends IGLOO's current mobile strategy for the BlackBerry, taking it beyond simple web browser and email application support. In this first release, members are able read blog articles, browse recent discussions, see and post comments, send and receive email notifications, search the community and access personal social profiles. Subsequent releases of the IGLOO BlackBerry Client will focus on taking advantage of dedicated BlackBerry features, including calendar synchronization, messaging, uploading of photos, videos and documents to an online community directly from the mobile device.

As the new knowledge workforce continues to evolve, they are demanding tools to support how and where they work -- at home, on the road and in the office. This evolution is accelerating the move to mobile-driven collaboration and social networking -- with people using cell phone-based blogging, multimedia sharing and messaging as their primary work tools.

SmartPhones like the BlackBerry are the next generation computing platforms, says Dan Latendre, CEO of IGLOO Software. With a growing mobile workforce and 3.3 billion mobile devices currently being used, online communities and social software solutions have to be more than mobile-ready; they need to be mobile-enabled -- providing immediate access to content and expertise in a richer, more robust user experience.

The BlackBerry Client application supports IGLOO's where you are strategy providing immediate access to online community content from anywhere. This aligns with IGLOO's recent announcement of a new modular framework giving organizations flexible toolsets for customizing and extending online communities powered by IGLOO -- including the BlackBerry Client application.

These and other upcoming product releases are previewed in IGLOO's Corporate Presentation:


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