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Incisor, the e-magazine product of Internet publishing company Click I.T. Ltd, has succeeded where others have failed, by bringing together the heads of each of the competing short-range wireless technologies - i.e. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ultra-wideband, DECT, ZigBee, EnOcean and NFC.

The Incisor WPANel provides regular commentary and analysis of developments in the short-range wireless/WPAN industry and is made up of the leading executives of each of the management organisations. The group currently consists of Mike Foley - executive director, the Bluetooth SIG, Erich Kamperschroer - chairman, the DECT Forum, Graham Martin - chairman, the EnOcean Alliance, Edgar Figueroa - executive director, the Wi-Fi Alliance, Stephen Wood - president, the WiMedia Alliance (which is merging into the Bluetooth SIG), Bob Heile - chairman, the ZigBee Alliance and Mr Koichi Tagawa - chairman, the NFC Forum.

Over the ten years that we have published Incisor magazine and IncisorTV's video productions, we have communicated with these organisations regularly, but always on topics specific to their own technology, said Vince Holton, Incisor's publisher. Inevitably, views expressed are partisan. However, there are relationships between the various wireless technologies out there, commonalities and certainly competition across many of the market sectors in which they operate. Wouldn't it be a good idea, I thought, to consolidate views across this whole group, and to hear what an expert in one technology thinks about the latest and greatest announcement from another? I certainly thought so. Incisor and IncisorTV video content can be viewed at the Incisor web site: www.incisor.tv

Since February 2009, the WPANel has contributed views on WPAN developments at CES 2009, the battle for success in the high-speed WPAN sector, and the challenges of marketing wireless technology to consumers.

About Incisor:

Incisor is a monthly electronic magazine dedicated to short range wireless technology and is published by UK-based wireless marketing specialist Click I.T. Ltd. Incisor has been distributed by email since launch in December 1998, and has become a globally known and respected publication.

Incisor is received by over 1600 companies and in excess of 25,000 readers. All of these readers have been added to Incisor's database as a result of requested subscriptions from wireless industry watchers across the world.

IncisorTV content includes video features accompanying the magazine's editorial, and standalone movies made on behalf of Incisor partners.

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