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- ISDEF Spring 2009 Conference Will Take Place on April 24 -26 and Will Focus on the Analysis of the Present-Time Situation on the Software Market and the Business Challenges That IT Companies Face Today.

ISDEF Spring 2009 conference will take place on April 24 -26 and will focus on the analysis of the current situation on the software market and the business challenges that IT companies face today. The event will take place in the Baltika hotel (Kaliningrad, Russia)

The conference was organized by ISDEF - the Independent Software Developers Forum, a non-commercial organization uniting independent software developers, registrars, software distributors and other representatives of the software industry.

This year's ISDEF Spring 2009 agenda is aimed at owners, top managers and leading specialists of IT and Internet companies, marketing experts, representatives of PR services and journalists. ISDEF Spring 2009 mainstream - How to work, live, develop during crisis. According to the estimates of the ISDEF board, the event will be attended by about 200 participants. Presentations will be made by representatives of the software market, government agencies and investment institutions.

Participants of the ISDEF Spring 2009 conference will discuss such topics as marketing and software sales techniques, legal aspects of the operation of software companies, financial investments in the IT market, as well as human resource management and staffing issues, the work of PR services in IT companies and certain aspects of business growth and development.

Digital River (http://www., Softkey ( one of the leading e-commerce companies in the US, Western Europe and Russia will become the main sponsor of ISDEF Spring 2009. Informational sponsorship will be provided by PR Newswire Europe (, the leader in the area of news and professional information distribution.

Additional information regarding the conference, attendance and agenda is available on the ISDEF website -


Created in 2002, the non-profit Independent Software Developers Forum focuses on representing and protecting the interests of software developers and other players on the IT market. ISDEF unites independent software developers, registrars, software distributors, representatives of software archives and other members of the software industry.

The main goals of the association are: improvement of the software development and implementation process; growth and development of the software e-commerce industry; and strengthening of the position of Russian developers on the international software market.


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Contact: Yury Ushakov ISDEF - Independent Software Developers Forum managing director +7-(910)-409-9029 ICQ 113-986-011 Skype: yury_ushakov

Contact: Yury Ushakov, ISDEF - Independent Software Developers Forum, managing director, +7-(910)-409-9029,,, ICQ 113-986-011, Skype: yury_ushakov