AUSTIN, Texas, March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Apple forged the world's hottest laptop, the Apple MacBookAir, but forgot to give us a way to protect it! The MacBook Air is a remarkable computer that lets you swipe your way to a more mobile lifestyle. But it's also extremely vulnerable to theft.

Tens of millions of computers are stolen around the world each year. Laptop theft is an epidemic in the making - they're small, expensive, easy to steal and easy to resell. Since the MacBook Air has no security slot, there's almost no way to protect it from theft. Thankfully, MacLocks (, the makers of the best selling iPad Lock ( of its kind, has solved this problem with the MacBook Air Lock (, the first and only MacBook Air Lock and Security Bundle.

Why do you need to protect your MacBook Air? Here are just a few of the many reasons:

- According to the FBI, a laptop is stolen every two minutes. You've spent a small fortune on something that has become invaluable to you. So why not spend a fraction of that cost to protect it?

- You store valuable information on your MacBook Air and it automatically logs into your e-mail accounts, social networks and maybe even financial accounts. Do you really want someone walking away with all that?

- Computer theft is said to affect nine out of ten companies; IT managers have estimated that 45% of thefts would be prevented if a lock were deployed.

Of all the MacBookAir accessories out there, this is the one you need if you're to use it in public places like schools, offices, libraries, hospitals and coffee shops. With a MacBook Air Lock you retain all of your mobility, taking it with you wherever you go.

The MacBookAir Lock is also the best security solution for retailers: Stickers leave residue while security cameras, theft detectors and security guards - which are much larger investments - only catch events once they've happened. Using a cable lock is certainly the most effective way to deter and defeat MacBook Air theft.

How Does it Lock?

Most MacBook Air owners use a cover/skin to protect their computer. Mac Locks have created a simple but clever solution;it incorporates a neat cover that also protects your MacBookAir via an integrated built-in security slot that can accommodate any of the standard cable locks sold on the market. That way you can lock the security cable to the case, and loop the cable's other end around a fixed object (like a table). Once the case and cable are locked together, thieves can't detach the case without damaging the MacBook Air.

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