AUSTIN, Texas, January 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Computer theft is big business. According to the 2010 BSI Computer Theft Survey, 5.5 million computers have been stolen in the last 3 years in the U.S. alone. Approximately 95% of these are never recovered. And yet, much of this theft is preventable: IT managers have estimated that employing a lock would reduce the number of incidents by almost half. Now MacLocks (, the leading producer of locks for all Apple computers, is making that prevention possible, following up their successful iPad lock ( with one for the iMac.

The all new Maximum Security iMac lock ( makes it easier than ever to lock down an iMac:

- Installs in minutes using simple everyday tools - Servicing the iMac is made easy - just unlock the security plate to remove - The swivel plate allows for total iMac rotation enhancing flexibility - The lock's inconspicuous design and low-profile does not detract from the iMac's aesthetics and puts an end to ugly, obsolete cages or bulky chains - The lock also secures the iMac keyboard and mouse

What's more, the lock also helps protect your iMac from breakage and damage by preventing knock-over.

MacLocks also offers an iMac Cable Lock ( that is compatible with most Apple computers. This cable security lock ( is an enhanced laptop lock which includes a patented feature that secures not only the computer but its peripheral cables too.

MacLocks is currently offering the iMac lock at the introduction price of $99.95, a tiny investment considering the alternative. According to the BSI survey, the average total replacement cost of one stolen computing device is over $43,000 with downtime ranging from several days to over a month. There are also data replacement costs, insurance hassles, and possible fallout from privacy breaches and negligence.

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