PLAINVIEW, New York, July 13 --

KyLinTV, the world’s leading Chinese IPTV platform, announces the launch
of its new strategic partnership with Phoenix China News and Entertainment
(Phoenix CNE), aimed at delivering the latest and best in Chinese television
programming to viewers in Europe.

Based in New York, KyLinTV already has a proven track record in North America,
where it offers more than 60 Chinese channels and 30,000-plus hours of
video-on-demand (VOD) programming to Chinese-speaking households. Phoenix CNE is
the European operation of Phoenix TV, the leading Chinese TV brand headquartered
in Hong Kong.

KyLinTV Europe will offer more than 20 popular Chinese TV channels from
mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Those include Phoenix China News
and Entertainment (Phoenix CNE), Phoenix InfoNews, CCTV-9, CCTV-E, CCTV-F,
MASTV, Sun TV, PTS Dimo, Kunlun Drama, a channel featuring historical, war,
mystery and action dramas, and Yangtze Drama, whose romance, family and other
story genres are designed to appeal especially to female viewers.

The new service will also include a children’s channel, where youngsters
can learn Chinese while enjoying popular Chinese cartoons and quality
educational programming. Meanwhile, viewers interested in China’s mainland
market will be able to get up-to-the-minute reports on mainland stocks via the
business channel, Trading Day. Offerings like Life Channel, Variety and Oriental
Education, already extremely popular among KyLinTV’s North American
subscribers, will also be available on KyLinTV Europe.

KylinTV president Duan Jianbing notes the launch of KyLinTV Europe will provide
a brand new television platform for Chinese-speaking audiences in the region,
allowing them to more closely follow events and trends in China and the Far
East. Our success in the North American market, he adds, will ensure our
European subscribers get an even better product. It’s our hope KyLinTV
will serve as a bridge for Chinese living in Europe, by connecting them to their
home communities, while also entertaining and informing them.

Dr. Shao Wenguang, President of Phoenix CNE, says: It has always been the goal
of Phoenix CNE to shorten the distances for Chinese now living in Europe, as
well as promote Chinese culture by providing a range of top quality programming.
We’re very glad to work with KyLinTV, the cutting-edge IPTV platform, to
provide hours of viewing pleasure to the Chinese-speaking community in Europe.

As an IPTV service, delivering programming via the Internet, KyLinTV is quite
easy to use. Regardless of Internet provider, subscribers need only have
high-speed Internet access, plug their Internet cable into a set-top box (STB)
provided by KyLinTV and then connect the STB to their set, to receive
DVD-quality TV programming. In addition to offering the functions available with
traditional TV services, KyLinTV offers such extras as a 48-hour-playback so
subscribers never have to miss their favorite programs.

Duan Jianbing stresses KyLinTV will continue to work with its content providers
and other business partners in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and
other parts of the world, to expand the range of high-quality Chinese channels
and VOD programs it offers.

Billy Tianbo Huang, KyLinTV vice president of strategic relationships and
global business development, heads up the program to build the firm’s
network of worldwide partnerships.

Plans call for KyLinTV to serve a world-wide audience in the near future.
Europe is our first step beyond North America, says Huang, adding, Wherever
there are Chinese speakers and broadband Internet facilities, KyLinTV will be


Sherry Xie, KyLinTV, +1-516-6-8463, or Yvonne Chen,
Phoenix CNE, +44-208-987-4332,