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- Oxley to discuss results of BuzzBack study on Consumer Attitudes about Environmentalism and 'Being Green'

Martin Oxley, Managing Director Europe of BuzzBack Market Research, will be a speaker at The Green Consumer Conference on Nov. 19 at the Lewis Media Centre in London.

The Green Consumer Conference addresses how being 'green ethical' fits into today's business world, and Oxley will share results from BuzzBack's recent study on 'Being Green' - specifically highlighting consumer behavior, attitudes and emotions around environmentalism and what it means to Be Green. The study compares attitudes among consumers in the US and UK, and highlights BuzzBack's award-winning eCollage technique for understanding consumer emotions.

Oxley brings over 20 years of Market Research experience, having formerly held senior management positions at global custom firms Ipsos and TNS In addition to Green insights showcased in the BuzzBack study, Oxley will talk about BuzzBack's unique approach to combining his profound understanding of the digital issues facing research companies with findings from the study. Oxley is a sought-after, prize-winning speaker and industry commentator, and he has served on committees involved with EFAMRO to set European online MR standards.

With a downturn in the economy, and the pace which new media technologies are moving, it's easy for environmental research issues to get lost in the sea change. The timely conference hosted by the Market Research Society, offers insights to help find the optimum research mix in order to reach and call to action today's more environmentally-conscious consumers.

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