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- Sales were up 35 percent and business expanded last year

BuzzBack Market Research, a leading Internet consumer research and marketing firm, today announced record results for 2008.

Sales were up 35% over one year ago, with increases in profits as the company saw a global expansion of its business. BuzzBack also added more than a dozen new clients to its portfolio of Fortune 100 consumer product companies and now works with six of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies.

Due to the increase in business, BuzzBack added new employees in 2008 and moved to a new larger headquarters in New York City, as well as expanded its year-old London office to meet growing European business demand.

We are extremely pleased by the company's performance in 2008, said Carol Fitzgerald, co-founder and President of BuzzBack Market Research. Driven primarily by an increased need for global research and adoption of our award-winning innovative technologies such as eCollage, our business grew by providing critical research and information to our many brand name consumer product and pharmaceutical companies.

Fitzgerald is hopeful for continued BuzzBack success in 2009 citing the need for Fortune 100 companies to have better research and information about our rapidly changing spending environment and the need to better understand consumers and market products in tough economic times. Fitzgerald said the company has upcoming plans to introduce new innovative technologies in the first half of 2009 that will help its clients achieve those goals.

About BuzzBack Market Research:

Since April 2000, BuzzBack Market Research headquartered in New York, NY and now with offices in London, UK, has pioneered new tools and technologies that provide fast, meaningful and actionable market research insights by developing more efficient and engaging online interviewing and reporting techniques. In 2007 BuzzBack was recognized by the MRS/ASC as the winner of the Technology Effectiveness Award.

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