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- 'Top Hotel Star Award 2008' for plasmaNorm Technology

What can it do - this air treatment system that Germany's top catering professionals named 'Innovation of the year, 2008'? plasmaNorm, the internationally patented air cleansing system, sets a new standard with state-of-the-technology performance. Air passed through the filter is completely free of odours and germs - the once-and-for-all solution for large kitchens. Fire protection is built-in, as no deposits collect in the system. plasmaNorm air treatment systems are available for cooker hoods and indoor air filters, kitchen extractor fans and circulating air systems.

plasmaNorm is the only air treatment system in the world with a lifetime odour removal guarantee, taking out tobacco smoke, cooking smells and particulates and stopping germs and viruses spreading via the ventilation system. plasmaNorm's long-term reliability has been proven in catering and food industry facilities. Compared to other air filter systems it also makes financial sense, with lower capital investment, energy-efficient operation and economical running costs.

Used all over the world

plasmaNorm air filters, made in Germany, operating in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA, are available as stand-alone plant, complete solutions and process technology components - for details see http://www.plasmaNorm.de.

The plasmaNorm manufacturer

This cutting-edge air cleaning technology was developed by airtec competence GmbH design engineers and metalworkers, producing prototypes, individual components and filters to the highest technical standards in airtec's assembly halls. A long-established specialised dealership sells and distributes mass-production orders, while airtec competence delivers tailor-made systems for factories, industrial plant, shopping halls, food halls and other large-scale projects directly.

airtec competence, developers of plasmaNorm, and technology partner BÄRO GmbH Co. KG are delighted at the 'Innovationspreis in Gold' award at the hotel trade fair 'Hogatec 2008'.

Press contact (English and German): plasmaNorm revological air treatment technologies airtec competence GmbH Manfred H. Langner Kupferstrasse 2 D-48496 Hopsten, Germany Tel. +49-5458-7925-52 manfred.langner[at]plasmaNorm.de http://www.plasmaNorm.de PR agency: Anja Floetenmeyer Tel. +49-511-923-999-25 floetenmeyer[at]prdienst.de


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Press contact (English and German): plasmaNorm revological air treatment technologies, airtec competence GmbH, Manfred H. Langner, Kupferstrasse 2, D-48496 Hopsten, Germany, Tel. +49-5458-7925-52, manfred.langner[at]plasmaNorm.de; PR agency: Anja Floetenmeyer, Tel. +49-511-923-999-25, floetenmeyer[at]prdienst.de