LONDON, July 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Serco Games Research (SGR) has developed a new service that aims to help developers predict how their game in development is likely to score in game reviews, and offer recommendations on how to improve the score.

The SGR ScoreCheck, which follows a user-centred approach, assesses the game against a number of well-defined categories to predict the likely score, and can be used with prototypes at beta. SGR also provide recommendations for improvement based on an objective analysis by its consultants.

The ability to refine a game through independent user-centred research at early stages of development gives game developers the opportunity to identify and change areas of concern early in the design process. It also acts as a fresh pair of eyes for developers who have been immersed in the game for months. This can prevent gameplay problems arising later on in the development process, which often cause delays to release schedules and increase costs.

Ben Weedon, Head of Serco Games Research says, "Today's games industry is becoming increasingly driven by games review scores, demonstrated by Microsoft's recent decision to delist Xbox Live titles with a Metacritic score under 65. Using the SGR ScoreCheck we hope to help game developers and publishers gather important feedback on games at early stages of development, helping them improve their product's reception, obtain better reviews and increase sale of units."

About Serco Games Research

Serco Games Research (SGR) is a sub group of Serco Usability Services that offers user research services for console manufacturers, games developers and publishers.

We work with clients to ensure that the games they create make sense to the end gamers, and are fun. We identify issues that work, or that need addressing, early in development, to be adjusted sooner rather than later, saving development time and money. We also have our own state-of-the-art game testing facilities in central London.

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