BOSTON and LONDON, February 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- One to One Interactive, Inc. (OTO), a Boston-based digital marketing firm recently ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America, announced today a definitive agreement to acquire fhios, with operations in the UK, Singapore, and Brazil.

The merger expands One to One Interactive's comprehensive suite of digital marketing products and services by incorporating fhios' user experience, research, and design practice with OTOinsights and its patent-pending Neuromarketing research platform, Quantemo.

The move represents the fifth time OTO has grown through a merger or acquisition, a strategy the company embarked on beginning in 2005. The addition of fhios provides OTO with expanded UK/European presence while adding new offices in Brazil and Singapore. fhios has run programs for clients such as Reuters, Motorola, Hilton, eBay, Dell and Philips in industries such as financial services, travel/tourism and media/publishing.

fhios specializes in customer experience strategy, research and design covering areas such as usability, eye tracking, concept testing, brand perception and competitive benchmarking to help answer key business issues to help its clients provide their customers with that all important stellar customer experience.

fhios has a wealth of experience in both public and private sectors in industries ranging from financial services to travel in both B2B and B2C markets. Since 2002, fhios has completed over 400 projects in over 30 countries across multiple channels such as web, mobile, PDA's, I-TV, call centres, retail outlets and product testing.

Our acquisition of fhios will help OTO achieve several of its 2010 strategic objectives. We are expanding our Web 3.0/semantic customer experience research, design and strategic capabilities at a time when brands are transitioning significant marketing budget from traditional to digital, said Ian Karnell, CEO of One to One Interactive. Additionally, fhios' substantial international presence gives OTO access to new markets for all of its products and services.

We are excited to become part of One to One Interactive, said Dr. Philip Rhodes, CEO of fhios, who will be the SVP, Managing Director of OTOinsights. We see this as an opportunity to bring our deep human experience expertise to new North American audience, add OTOinsights neuromarketing research capabilities to our client offerings, and to engage more deeply with our clients' projects.

About One to One Interactive

Complete One-To-One Solutions for Brands, Agencies, and Publishers

Established in 1997, One to One Interactive is the first enterprise to assemble a complete solution for brands, agencies, and publishers executing one-to-one marketing strategies. By bringing together one of the nation's leading digital marketing agencies, the worlds most comprehensive portfolio of permission marketing platforms, performance marketing solutions, and cutting edge neuromarketing research techniques, the companies of One to One Interactive build informed and creative customer/constituent strategies on the belief that digital media's ability to enable engaging one-to-one dialogues is the future of marketing.

One to One Interactive has recently been ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America, one of the Top Interactive firms in the United States according to B2B Magazine, and one of the world's 20 hottest independent digital marketing firms by Ad Age.

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About fhios

fhios has been a leading international customer experience research consultancy founded in 2002 and has successfully conducted over 400 customer experience and usability research projects across over 35 countries, with many brand perception, customer segmentation, concept design validation, competitive benchmarking, online communities and user needs projects to provide its clients such as Orange, O2, Samsung, Pay Pal, Motorola, Hilton and Shell/Ferrari with the insight to understand customers needs, goals, expectations, behaviours and experience levels when they engage with them and their competitors.

fhios provides One to One Interactive with operations in London, UK; Sao Paolo, Brazil and Singapore.

For more information, please visit the fhios web site: or in the UK call +44-(0)207-886-8241.

Contact: Jeremi Karnell One to One Interactive +1-617-425-7369 jkarnell [at]

SOURCE: One to One Interactive, Inc.

CONTACT: Jeremi Karnell of One to One Interactive, +1-617-425-7369,jkarnell [at]