BOSTON, September 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- OTOi, a division of One to One Interactive, a Boston-based digital marketing firm, is hosting a live webinar on September 23rd at 11:00 am Eastern time, for interactive marketing professionals looking to optimize Search spend, prioritize strategies, identify tests, and isolate opportunities to outpace the competition in 2011.

OTOi's SEM experts will review the Top Ten To-Do list for maximizing your company's search marketing strategy, expanding your reach, and increasing ROI:

1) Manage queries not keywords 2) Move beyond the engines 3) Mobilize your search campaign 4) Get local 5) Socialize your SEO 6) Tailor your results 7) Let customers help you optimize 8) Hitch yourself to the Google wagon 9) Educate to integrate 10) Budget for failures

This will be an interactive event with QA throughout and at the conclusion of the presentation. OTOi encourages attendees to come to the webinar with questions and insight into their own SEM strategies. Please register today at

The webinar will broadcast on Thursday, September 23rd at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. Webinar attendees will receive a copy of the webinar free of charge.

Presenter: Greg Slama, Search Marketing Manager, OTOi, and Cindy Starr, EVP, Managing Director OTOi When: September 23, 2010 at 11:00 am EDT

One to One Interactive:

Complete One-to-One Solutions for Brands, Agencies, and Publishers

Established in 1997, One to One Interactive is the first enterprise to assemble a complete solution for brands, agencies, and publishers executing one-to-one marketing strategies. By bringing together one of the nation's leading digital marketing agencies, the worlds most comprehensive portfolio of permission marketing platforms, performance marketing solutions, and cutting edge neuromarketing research techniques, the companies of One to One Interactive build informed and creative customer/constituent strategies on the belief that digital media's ability to enable engaging one-to-one dialogues is the future of marketing.

About OTOi:

As one of the first next generation digital marketing agencies, OTOi builds informed and creative customer strategies on the belief that digital media and its ability to provide targeted, permission based, one-to-one dialogues represent the cornerstone of marketing in the future. OTOi fuses analytical strategies, skills, and processes based on thorough audience segment knowledge with cutting edge digital creative and marketing techniques.

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