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- Manufacturers of Portable Digital Audio Devices Now Have Access to the Lowest Power, Smallest Form Factor Wireless Design

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM -- Ozmo Devices, the leading provider of low-power Wi-Fi Personal Area Network (Wi-Fi PAN) solutions, announced today that the company and Wolfson Microelectronics are collaborating to deliver an audio reference design to manufacturers of audio peripherals leveraging Ozmo's Wi-Fi PAN technology. Ozmo Devices' Wi-Fi PAN solution enables connectivity between peripherals such as mice and headsets and Wi-Fi-enabled platforms. The OZMO1000 Audio Reference Design utilizes the Ozmo Devices' OZMO1000 IC and Wolfson Microelectronics' WM8987L low-power CODEC.

"Wi-Fi PAN technology is ideally suited to satisfy consumer demand for high performance wireless voice headsets, stereo headphones, and speakers. By leveraging the Wi-Fi capability already present in many platforms, our Wi-Fi PAN solution eliminates the need for an additional radio or a dongle. Now, Ozmo Devices and Wolfson Microelectronics have teamed to develop a reference design based upon Wi-Fi PAN that provides long battery life in very small form factors," said Dave Timm, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ozmo Devices. "We're very pleased to work with Wolfson Microelectronics to demonstrate this high performance wireless audio product design." The reference design will be demonstrated at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, August 19 -21, 2008 at booth 856/857.

Wolfson Microelectronics is the leading provider of high performance audio and ultra low power consumption products. "Wolfson believes it is a strategic advantage to provide products that support Wi-Fi PAN applications," said Peter Frith, Chief Technical Officer, Wolfson Microelectronics. "Ozmo Devices understands that creating a joint reference design kit such as this enables our customers to make the best, high quality products possible."

About the Reference Design Kit

The OZMO1000 Audio Reference Design utilizes Wolfson Microelectronics' WM8987L, the world's smallest CODEC with fully differential-capable headphone driver. The WM8987L provides high performance and low power consumption in a small 4mm x 4mm footprint. The device works on a 1.8V power supply, yet provides the same audio volume as larger devices using a 3.3V power supply.

The Ozmo Devices' OZMO1000 is a fully integrated IC leveraging Ozmo's Wi-Fi PAN technology. Its dual band radio design is compatible with Ozmo-enabled IEEE802.11g and IEEE802.11a wireless LAN hosts. Its unique power management approach enables low power consumption while maintaining very low latency.

"Leveraging the ubiquity and proven technology of Wi-Fi to deliver personal area network connectivity provides significant benefits and eliminates the need for additional radios," said Ajit Deosthali, Research Manager Short Range Wireless Semiconductors, IDC. "Delivering reference designs and collaborating with established partners like Wolfson Microelectronics gives Ozmo Devices an important advantage to rapidly bring high performance Wi-Fi PAN solutions to market."


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