LAUSANNE, Switzerland, April 12, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Phitek Systems Limited, the global leader in electro-acoustic technologies, announced today that it has selected semiconductor heavyweight STMicroelectronics (ST) as strategic partner in the design and supply of next-generation ANR(TM) Controllers.

ANR(TM) Controllers connect to Phitek's ANR(TM) electro-acoustic capsules to provide a complete and best-in-class active noise cancellation solution for use in audio accessory products such as headphones, headsets and earphones.

Mark Donaldson, CEO of Phitek Systems, says the company's thrilled to partner with ST, a recognised leader in semiconductor technology, and sees real benefits for its business and markets.

In order to deliver world-first technology, Phitek needs to partner with the right expertise and production systems. In ST, we have a partner with long-term leadership in the design and production of high-performance semiconductors - it's a perfect match.

The first programme concerns the development of Phitek's PH1026 ANR Controller, an advanced digitally programmable device that provides enthralling audio-reproduction combined with superior active noise cancellation performance optimised for music and voice applications.

Phitek's PH1026 ANR Controller represents a fully-integrated and configurable platform for active noise cancellation. High levels of integration allow us to deliver a feature-rich and compact solution with an extremely low external part count. This platform can be used across the complete range of audio accessories, offering faster time-to-market at reduced cost, says Donaldson.

Phitek ANR(TM) uniquely offers a complete and simple-to-execute semiconductor and electro-acoustic solution to active noise cancellation. ANR Controller ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) connect directly to Phitek's ANR(TM) Capsules, which encapsulate the electro-acoustic science necessary to deliver pre-qualified performance out-of-the-box.

Raising the bar higher, the PH1026 is digitally-configurable, delivering a single hardware platform applicable to a wide range of accessory products. Additionally, the PH1026 integrates the peripheral circuitry required in application, reducing part count and providing significant cost savings over competitive solutions.

Phitek expects the new devices to be popular with leading Mobile Music OEMs.

Our customers require pre-qualified noise cancellation solutions that simplify engineering, manufacturing and time-to-market. This single device can be used with any of our headphone or earphone ANR Capsules to create a noise cancellation accessory with guaranteed performance, says Dr Ben Skelton, General Manager of Phitek's Component Technologies Business Unit.

Andrea Onetti, Audio Division General Manager at STMicroelectronics, remarks on ST's contribution in silicon design and production.

ST has developed an internationally recognised wealth of complex, high-performance semiconductor design expertise. We're able to engineer this into the PH1026 to deliver a highly integrated device with exceptional quality, wide-band audio featuring high SNR, low THD and low noise within lowest possible power consumption and package size constraints.

Phitek plans to provide key accounts with samples of the PH1026 in September 2010, with first orders to ship in the new year.

Eager to maintain its reputation as the fast-time-to-market enabler, Phitek is already working with mobile OEMs to prepare their teams to apply this technology.

We expect to hear a series of successful Mobile Music accessory, PH1026-based product launches, in 2011, says Skelton.

About Phitek Systems

Phitek Systems is the world's leading supplier of electro-acoustic technologies for audio enhancement and active noise cancellation. Focused on innovation and invention, Phitek provides global customers with creative solutions for effective reduction of ambient noise based on its patented Active Noise Rejection (ANR(TM)) technology.

Phitek ANR(TM) was originally developed for use in commercial passenger aircraft where background noise leads to hearing loss, fatigue and stress. Today, Phitek ANR(TM) is used by more than 50 airlines worldwide, servicing over 15 million passengers each year. The technology works by measuring noise inside the ear and calculating an antinoise response, which is sent to the headphone speaker. The noise and antinoise signals combine to yield near silence. Phitek ANR(TM) is effective at reducing background noise, and unlike alternatives, tunes its response to suit prevailing noise conditions.

Beyond aviation, Phitek ANR(TM) technology is utilized by leading brands in audio and mobile music and has been recognised by leading publications including Wired Magazine, PC Magazine and Macworld as best-in-class. Phitek's impressive portfolio of patented solutions spans commercial aviation, consumer audio and mobile telephone segments in both in-ear, and on-ear formats. The company is a member of CSR's eXtension partner programme and is active in developing world first solutions for Bluetooth monaural and binaural applications.

Phitek is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, San Jose, Lausanne and Tokyo. For more information please visit

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