LONDON, January 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Phitek Systems Limited, the global leader in electro-acoustic technologies, announced today that its Component Technologies Business Unit has certified Hosiden Corporation, a leading Japanese electronics manufacturer, as preferred partner of Phitek Systems' Active Noise Rejection (ANR(TM)) technology.

The Component Technologies Business Unit (CTBU) is one of Phitek's new divisions specialising in electro-acoustic and semi-conductor technologies that can be used across various form factors and platforms in mobile music.

Hosiden's Mobile Music customers feature among the biggest, global names in the handset and portable media-player markets.

Dr. Ben Skelton, General Manager of CTBU, says that Phitek is delighted that Hosiden has completed the qualification requirements to become an ANR(TM) preferred partner.

By obtaining Phitek ANR(TM) Preferred Partner Certification, Hosiden is announcing to Mobile Music original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that it is fully ready to design and manufacture a range of best-in-class noise cancellation products based on Phitek's award-winning ANR(TM) technology, says Skelton.

Today's announcement is the latest step in a wider relationship between Phitek and Hosiden. Hosiden also manufactures Phitek's ANR(TM) Capsules (patented electro-acoustic module technology). These capsules are used by product designers and manufacturers at other companies to develop noise cancellation headphones and earphones with guaranteed performance and scalability in manufacturing.

We selected Hosiden as our ANR(TM) Capsule manufacturer because we recognised a high level of manufacturing expertise and attention to quality. We're naturally thrilled to formally recognise that Hosiden has reached the highest standards of ANR(TM) product design and manufacture, based on Phitek's components. This partnership and certification means that the market has additional confidence in selecting Phitek ANR(TM), says Skelton.

Tomohiko Kamimura, Senior Executive Officer of Hosiden Corporation says that completing the qualification requirements of the Phitek ANR(TM) Preferred Partner programme is a natural development.

Hosiden has long understood the value proposition of ANR(TM). Understanding this when we started supplying ANR(TM) Capsules to Phitek, we're extremely pleased to now be able to provide complete ANR(TM)-based audio accessories directly to our customers as a Phitek ANR(TM) Preferred Partner, says Kamimura.

Our customers are some of the largest players in this market, so when we embark upon a new product development with a customer we need to be assured of success in manufacturing as well as in engineering. Phitek ANR(TM) provides guaranteed performance and low-risk product development and manufacturing, which all enable a confident market launch, says Kamimura.

Hosiden expects to be shipping their first ANR(TM)-based earphone products in early 2010.

About Phitek Systems Limited

Phitek Systems is the world's leading supplier of electro-acoustic technologies for audio enhancement and active noise cancellation. Focused on innovation and invention, Phitek provides global customers with creative solutions for the effective reduction of ambient noise based on its patented Active Noise Rejection (ANR(TM)) technology.

Phitek ANR(TM) was originally developed for use in commercial passenger aircraft where background noise is insidious leading to hearing loss, fatigue and stress. Today, Phitek ANR(TM) is used by more than 50 airlines worldwide, servicing more than 15 million passengers each year. The technology works by measuring the noise field close to the ear and then calculating an antinoise response which is sent to the headphone speaker. The noise and antinoise signals combine to yield near silence. Phitek ANR(TM) is very effective at reducing background noise and unlike alternatives tunes its response to suit prevailing noise conditions.

Beyond aviation Phitek ANR(TM) technology is utilized by many of the biggest brands in audio and mobile music and has been recognised by leading publications including Wired Magazine, PC Magazine and Macworld as best-in-class. Phitek's impressive portfolio of patented solutions spans commercial aviation, consumer audio and mobile telephone segments in both in-ear, and on-ear formats. The company recently joined CSR's Bluetooth eXtension partner programme and is active in developing world first solutions for Bluetooth monaural and binaural applications.

Phitek is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand with sales offices located in Hong Kong, San Jose - California, Ottawa, Canada, Tokyo, Japan, and Taipei, Taiwan. For more information about Phitek Systems Limited please visit

About Hosiden

Since Hosiden was founded in 1947, Hosiden has, by utilizing its technology, developed many products including connecting components such as connectors and switches, acoustic components, electro-magnetic components, LCD devices and assembled products incorporating those components. Hosiden continues to contribute to the development of society and industry as a versatile component manufacturer.

In this era of digital networks, Hosiden is doing research to develop solutions for the requirements of the future. These requirements will require both new technologies and new combinations of existing technologies from the consumer electronics, information, communication, audio-visual, and automotive electronics. Hosiden will continue to meet our customers' requirements with technology that we develop and enhances our ability to recommend innovative solutions.

Hosiden has also strengthened its manufacturing and sales network by creating a global network based on the principle of production and sales in the market.

In addition, Hosiden remains committed for environmental preservation activities under healthy and powerful management while maintaining our competitiveness.

Hosiden will continue to grow and aggressively strive to exceed customers' expectations.

SOURCE: Phitek Systems Limited

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