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- Sun, Intel collaboration expands choice for developers and end users

The Itanium(R) Solutions Alliance is pleased to recognize the collaborative effort between Intel and Sun Microsystems to port Sun's Java(TM) Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) to Itanium-based systems. Now generally available, Java SE 6 for Itanium furnishes a robust Java development platform for Itanium-based solutions for both Windows and Linux environments.

The release of Java SE 6 for Itanium enhances the ease and flexibility with which Itanium developers can create enterprise-class server applications, and allows them to take full advantage of the capabilities inherent in Sun's latest development platform, said Joan Jacobs, president and executive director of the Itanium Solutions Alliance. By advancing the development of new solutions for end users, this Java update supports the Alliance's commitment to open, industry-standard solutions.

Sybase customers in finance, communications and government manage some of the world's most high performance data servers using Adaptive Server Enterprise 15 on Itanium, said Brian Vink, vice president, database product marketing, Sybase. With the upcoming release of Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0.3, enterprises can now leverage the benefits of the latest Java SE 6 for Itanium for running Java code in their databases.

The Java release offers significant performance gains over the previous version, including improvements in the Java HotSpot virtual machine and Java class libraries. Java developers are encouraged to download the updated development kit and start creating the next generation of applications that harness the performance, reliability and scalability of Itanium-based systems. The latest JDK for Sun Java SE 6, which includes support for Itanium, is ready for download from the Sun Developer Network at http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp.

Itanium-based solutions are offered by global server system vendors with deep experience in delivering mission-critical server solutions, and supported by 10 operating systems and over 13,000 applications. Itanium-based systems are used worldwide as migration paths to replace legacy mainframes, sturdy foundations for mission-critical data systems, and high-powered workhorses for computationally intensive applications. Itanium-based systems shipped worldwide to date number over 210,000.

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The Itanium(R) Solutions Alliance is a global community of hardware, operating system and application vendors dedicated to accelerating the adoption and ongoing development of Itanium(R)-based solutions. Formed in September 2005, the Alliance is comprised of some of the most influential companies in the computing industry with a shared, strategic commitment to delivering mission-critical computing solutions based on the Intel(R) Itanium(R) architecture. http://www.itaniumsolutions.org

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