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- Company to Leverage Real-time, On-Demand Quotes for Anytime, Anywhere Access to Market Data for Fund Managers and Increased Transparency for Investors

CarryQuote, A.G. (http://www.carryquote.com/), a pioneer in integrated desktop and mobile financial information solutions, and Rho Asset Management, A.G. (http://www.rhoam.ch/ )(Rho), a Swiss-based Commodity Trading Advisor, today announced Rho's implementation of CarryQuote's Mobile Market Scanner(TM) solution. The companies officially made the announcement at the 2009 GAIM International conference in Monaco.

Mobile Market Scanner (http://www.mobilemarketscanner.com/) provides fund managers with an affordable, integrated desktop and mobile solution for accessing real-time, on-demand price quotes. Officially launched in February 2009, the solution offers a new model for consuming market data -- real-time, on-demand snapshots. By providing real-time market snapshots from more than 70 global data sources only when a user needs them, Mobile Market Scanner delivers the high quality financial market information users need at a fraction of the cost of other market data providers. Mobile Market Scanner also enables Rho to enhance its communication with investors by providing greater transparency to the fund's NAV. Rho's investors will be able to track NAV on a daily basis using the Rho-branded web and mobile applications.

The Mobile Market Scanner, not only allows our investors easy access to global market data -- but also allow us to be true to our mission of providing our investors with a unique level of transparency and access to our fund's NAV at any time, said Christen Oesterbye, COO of Rho Asset Management. We've also found good value in white labeling Mobile Market Scanner. By making it available to our clients, we hope to strengthen our client relationships through increased communication and accessibility.

We are pleased that Rho has joined a growing list of global hedge funds that are leveraging Mobile Market Scanner to realize cost savings, improve efficiency related to technical analysis and increase transparency for investors, said Michael Stennicke, CEO and Co-founder of CarryQuote. Rho selected our solution based on its measurable benefits -- including its personalized alerts that empower fund managers to actively monitor and analyze the global markets, even while away from a workstation.

CarryQuote and RHO at 2009 GAIM International (http://www.icbi-events.com/gaim/)

On Day 2 (June 17, 2009) at 15:55 CET/CEST at the 2009 GAIM International event, Jeremy Sokolic, SVP, Marketing and Product Management of CarryQuote, will be presenting a Conference Session entitled Real-time, On-Demand Quotes: Revolutionizing Mobile and Desktop Access to Market Data. This session will introduce Mobile Market Scanner and discuss the reason for -- and benefits of -- Rho's implementation of the solution. The session will also feature Christen Oesterbye, Chief Operating Office from Rho Asset Management and feature an overview of:

- Accessing real-time, on-demand quotes through a new, more cost-effective model - How to reduce the time required for daily macro and technical analysis by several hours with analytics that filter and rank investment opportunities and jukebox-style, flip-through charts - How funds can reinforce their company's brand, and increase transparency with white label web and mobile applications for clients

About CarryQuote

CarryQuote is the first and only mobile financial information services company to provide cost-effective, real-time pricing data, actionable analytics, and personalized alerts through an easy-to-use interface, accessible on any smartphone, including Blackberry(TM), iPhone(TM), Symbian, and Windows Mobile(TM). CarryQuote's real-time snapshot market views and personalized alerts ensure that fund managers, wealth managers and individual investors are always on top of market changes and have visibility into global market data from more than 70 global data sources covering a broad range of asset classes, including equities, bonds, foreign exchange, commodities, real estate and alternative investments. CarryQuote is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, and has offices in New York, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen (China). For more information, please visit www.carryquote.com.

About RHO Asset Management

Rho Asset Management (Rho) is a Swiss based Commodity Trading Adviser (CTA) established in 2007. The founders of Rho have combined more than 50 years of experience in alternative investments and a successful track record in trading and managing client assets. Rho is research and technology driven, specializing in design and implementation of systematic trading strategies. All strategies are based on quantitative analyses of price behavior in the global financial and commodity markets. Rho is dedicated to providing clients with tangible value in investment performance and quality of client service. For more information, please visit www.rhoam.ch.

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