ZUG, Switzerland and NEW YORK, February 5 /PRNewswire/ --

- Company is First-Ever to Provide Integrated Web-Plus-Mobile View of Financial Markets

- Black Castle Asset Management is First to Implement Solution

CarryQuote, A.G., a pioneer in integrated web-plus-mobile financial information solutions (http://www.carryquote.com/solutions/mobile/what_the_mobile_app_can_do/), today announced the availability of Mobile Market Scanner(TM) for fund managers and professional traders. For the first time ever, fund managers and traders can access cost-effective, real-time financial market data from around the globe and professional-level analytics from their desktop or any smartphone. The Company also announced that Black Castle Asset Management, a global independent asset management firm, is the first customer to implement Mobile Market Scanner(TM).

Mobile Market Scanner(TM) delivers real-time financial market information from more than 50 global data sources that cover a broad range of asset classes, including equities, bonds, foreign exchange, commodities, real estate and alternative investments. It also provides actionable, professional-grade analytics (http://www.carryquote.com/solutions/web/what_the_web_app_can_do/) that organize, filter and rank investment opportunities - significantly reducing the time needed to manipulate and synthesize data for analysis. Charts are presented in a jukebox style format, allowing users to quickly flip through and scan hundreds of markets to identify relevant information.

Mobile Market Scanner(TM) provides a unique, integrated web-plus-mobile user experience. With the integrated service, users have access to the same quality and quantity of sophisticated financial market information and analytics via both the web and mobile applications and enjoy a consistent and seamless user experience between the two.

Users can tailor the specific information they want to track on their mobile device, based on their personal investment needs and preferences. Selected information can be pushed to the user's smartphone through pre-set alerts or pulled on demand by the user - enabling traders to continuously monitor the market in real time.

Black Castle Asset Management is the first global hedge fund to implement Mobile Market Scanner(TM). The company selected the solution because of its benefits to both fund managers (http://www.carryquote.com/marketsegments/hedgefunds/) and investors. It enables fund managers to actively monitor global markets even when they are away from a workstation, and enhances communication with investors by providing greater transparency to the fund's net asset value (NAV). Investors will be able to track NAV on a daily basis using the Black Castle Asset Management- branded web and mobile applications.

Mobile Market Scanner(TM) has been a game-changing technology for us and is positively impacting both our fund managers and our clients. In addition to leveraging the web-based and mobile applications for anytime, anywhere access to financial market data, we also depend on the analytics, which have enabled us to significantly reduce the time spent on daily macro and technical analysis, said Tenio Latev, Head of Research, Black Castle Asset Management. We've also branded Mobile Market Scanner(TM) and made it available to several of our clients, a move that is helping us to strengthen our client relationships through increased communication and greater transparency.

Our Mobile Market Scanner(TM) solution combines the real-time information investors need to stay on top of the market, with an innovative integrated web-plus-mobile user experience. By providing this service at a cost-effective price point, we provide investors with the tools to make well-informed decisions at their desk or on the go, said CarryQuote CEO Michael Stennicke. We look forward to offering similar services for the wealth management and consumer markets later this year.

The launch of Mobile Market Scanner(TM) establishes a new model for consuming market data - real-time, on-demand snapshots. By providing real-time market snapshots only when a user needs them, Mobile Market Scanner(TM) delivers the high quality financial market information users need at a price they can afford. Mobile Market Scanner(TM) is available via a web-based application as well as on all smartphones, including Blackberry, Windows, Nokia (Symbian) Android (Google) and iPhone.

About CarryQuote

CarryQuote is the first and only mobile financial information services company to provide cost-effective, real-time pricing data, actionable analytics and personalized alerts through a unique, integrated web-plus-mobile application. CarryQuote's real-time snapshot market views and personalized alerts ensure that fund managers, wealth managers and individual investors are always on top of market changes and have visibility into market data from more than 50 global data sources covering a broad range of asset classes, including equities, bonds, foreign exchange, commodities, real estate and alternative investments. CarryQuote is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, and has offices in New York, Hong Kong and Shenzhen (China). For more information, please visit www.carryquote.com.

About Black Castle Asset Management

Black Castle Asset Management AG is an independent asset manager with a global network and branch offices located at the most important financial centers across the world. We see ourselves as a Service Boutique, offering personalized services, focusing on the unique requirements of private and institutional clients.

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