AUSTIN, Texas, May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the least-attractive facts about faxing is that a lot of paper is wasted in the process of exchanging information. With economic and environmental concerns becoming top business priorities, organizations today are looking for more efficient ways of sharing documents. Ringdale, Inc., a technology leader in green IT savings solutions, has enhanced its FaxReceiver(TM) appliance to enable users to receive a digitized fax using FaxReceiver, convert it to a portable document format (PDF) file and send it directly to any FTP server for archiving and distribution. FaxReceiver's powerful new Fax-to-FTP feature provides an additional capability that enables organizations to distribute PDFs to a file folder on a network that can be accessed by more than one person at a time or for integration into an existing document management system.

Ringdale's ModuLAN(R) FaxReceiver provides an easy, cost-effective solution for organizations moving toward less paper consumption. FaxReceiver consists of a small solid-state unit that connects to an Ethernet network and a fax line and converts incoming faxes into e-mails and sends them directly to an inbox or now to a folder via FTP. The appliance comes in two versions: FaxReceiver MFR-201, the single fax line version, and MFR-400, a 4-in1 rack mount chassis. Both products offer the same main advantage over traditional fax machines: the elimination of paper faxes. Instead, digital faxes arrive immediately at the administrator's e-mail inbox. Mail servers can be set up to copy more than one person, so e-mails may be picked up while on the move.

Other FaxReceiver advantages include:

- Increased security since FaxReceiver can be located in the telephone or computer room, away from everyday hazards or malice. - Easy distribution of the faxed document as each page is an attachment in the e-mail that can be re-distributed or used for input into other applications or archived. - Very low power consumption and high reliability, as there are no moving parts to be maintained or paper to be supplied. On average only 20% of business communication in electronic format is actually printed out, resulting in further savings. - FaxReceiver MFR-400 connects to any 19 mountable rack. - Converts any received fax document to an e-mail attachment with embedded PDF or GIF files.

In addition, FaxReceiver has the ability to integrate its fax receiving functionality with the document routing engine of Ringdale's FollowMe(R) Secure Document Output Management solution to provide enhanced workflow capabilities. With FollowMe, users will be able to have inbound faxes controlled via any number of routing and/or printing conditions, including queuing print jobs directly to users' print queues as well as archiving them and sending them to recipients via e-mail as required based on customers' business requirements.

Ringdale's line of ModuLAN modular, local area network appliances also includes DocuSender, which provides Scan-to-E-Mail, Scan-to-Fax and Scan-to-FTP document distribution. A cost-effective alternative to integrated scan stations, DocuSender consists of a small solid-state unit and a touch panel keypad that connect to a compatible USB-connected scanner, an Ethernet network and a phone line.

For ordering information on FaxReceiver and DocuSender, call Ringdale in the United States at +1-512-288-9080 or in the United Kingdom at +44(0)1444-871349.

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For further information please contact: Susan Vaughan Ringdale, Inc. Tel: +1-512-241-0247 or Lulu Bridges Tavistock Communications Tel: +44-207-920-3150

For further information please contact: Susan Vaughan, Ringdale, Inc., Tel: +1-512-241-0247 or Lulu Bridges, Tavistock Communications, Tel: +44-207-920-3150