LONDON, August 31, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Mendeley, a media technology startup that provides software for PDF sorting of research papers, along with Nature Network and the British Library are excited to present Science Online London 2010 , being held 3-4 September 2010 at the British Library. The third annual conference will bring together scientists, bloggers, web entrepreneurs and publishers to engage in lively discussions and exchanges of ideas about how the web is changing the way scientists conduct, communicate, share and evaluate research, and how to employ these trends for the greater good.  

 Lord Martin Rees, a prominent British cosmologist who currently serves as Astronomer Royal, President of the Royal Society and Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics at Trinity College, Cambridge, will open the conference on 3 September with a keynote address on how the web is changing science and research. Other keynote presenters stirring up the conversation throughout the two day event will include Evan Harris, Former Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Science, and researcher and BBC broadcaster, Aleks Krotoski.  

In addition to the breakout sessions on topics including open data, blogs and social networking and science communication, the conference will feature rapid-fire unconference sessions on topics voted by registered participants. Also, Fringe Programmes will include a free-ranging debate at Mendeley's rooftop, an excursion to the Diamond Light Source Synchrotron near Oxford and a tour of the Royal Society's 350 Years of Science exhibition.

 Science Online London 2010 is sponsored by Royal Society Publishing and Research Information Network, co-sponsored by AlphaGalileo, Elsevier, OCLC and TEAM, and supported by CrossRef, Microsoft Research, and Hyperwords.