HEERLEN, The Netherlands and AACHEN, Germany, September 4 /PRNewswire/ --

- New Solar Cell Offers 9 Percent Higher Output

Solland Solar, Netherlands' largest producer of solar cells, will enable the solar energy sector to take a major step forwards with its new Sunweb cell. By concentrating the generated energy to the back of the cell, Sunweb can offer a 2 percent higher output per cell. Processed and connected in a solar module, the output even increases to 9 percent. This is a substantial improvement for the sector.

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"Metal Wrap Through"

Sunweb is the outcome of years of intensive research and testing by the R&D division of Solland Solar in collaboration with ECN (Energy research Centre of the Netherlands).

Sunweb transfers the collected energy at the front of the cell via the especially developed MWT (Metal Wrap Through) method through the cell to the back of the cell.

By removing the "bus bars" from the front of the cell, the Sunweb cell has a larger surface area available for collecting (sun)light and converting it to electricity. Whereas the output of a solar module with a traditional cell is around 13.5 percent, the Sunweb cell increases this efficiency to nearly 15 percent. A substantial improvement in output.

Grid Parity

For many areas in the world, Sunweb's combination of increased efficiency and lower cost price means one further step towards grid parity. This is the point where the price of solar electricity is the same or lower for consumers as/than traditional electricity from oil, coal and gas. Organisations like the IEA (International Energy Agency) estimate that grid parity will become feasible in many parts of Europe (including the Netherlands) within the next 5 to 10 years. This will make solar energy an economic alternative for fossil fuels a lot sooner than many people realise.

'Backsheet Foil'

Solland is currently working with third parties on the development of a special back-sheet foil to connect the Sunweb cells at the back. This will enable further automation of the production process, saving time and cost in the manufacturing of solar modules.

Module manufacturers

The PV sector is already showing a strong interest in the Sunweb cell. Major solar module producers are currently investigating how they can adapt their production process to allow for the short term incorporation of the Sunweb cell in their solar modules.

About Solland Solar

Solland Solar (http://www.sollandsolar.com) is a Dutch-German manufacturer of solar cells (photovoltaic cells). At the start of production in late 2005, Solland Solar's capacity was 20 MWp/a. Capacity has since been increased to 170 MWp/a. Thanks to the majority interest acquired by the Dutch Multi-utility company DELTA in February 2007, Solland Solar can currently expand its capacity further to a level of 320 MWp/a. The company ultimately strives to achieve a production capacity of 500 MWp/a in 2010 (2007: 60 MWp/a), with the current workforce of 370 expanding considerably.

Note to the Editors (not intended for publication): For further information, please contact Gosse Boxhoorn, CEO of Solland Solar. He can be reached at +31(0)45-8800-610 or +31(0)6-4611-1902. You can also send an e-mail to gboxhoorn@sollandsolar.com