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- The Groundbreaking Projects of Innovation From the 16 Candidates are Now Revealed

'Stars of Science', the previously unseen Pan-Arab innovation contest on TV initiated by Qatar Foundation, kicked off, yesterday, with a highly-anticipated first prime-time episode, available to millions of Arab homes.

In a fast-pace and vibrant rhythm, the audience has been transported to Doha, Tunis, Alexandria and Beirut, where 100 hopeful applicants, short listed among 5600 applications, tried to impress and convince the jury with their projects of innovation.

Only 16 of them, from 11 countries, were selected and gained access to the ultra-modern Doha workshop, build within Qatar Science and Technology Park, where the competition will continue.

This episode was also the occasion to discover more about the candidates, their projects (see thereafter), personalities and aspirations, as well as the three jurors, Dr. Sadeg Fares, William Sawaya and Dr. Mona Zaki.

Engineer Dr. Sadeg Fares, with over 500 patents in his name, expressed his support for the candidates, saying that their projects will Aid in developing the Arab world in the fields of science and technology.

Renowned designer William Sawaya expressed his endorsement of Stars of Science, saying that it, Challenges Arabs to pursue technological excellence.

Dr. Mona Zaki, businesswomen and marketing consultant, advised the candidates to be optimistic and to have confidence in what they do.

The 16 candidates distinguish themselves by their various profiles and backgrounds, while their projects, characterized by their great diversity, are a testimony of the vibrant inventiveness of the Arab youth:

- Wahiba Chair (26 y.o - Algeria) - a nutrition label-scanning device that can be uploaded to mobile phones, immediately telling the consumer whether a food item is good for them. - Sarah Al Sammak (24 y.o - Bahrain) - 'Canito' , a product bringing together a garbage and recycle bin that will attract people to recycle their waste. - Mohammed Hijazi (25 y.o - Egypt) - a physiotherapy equipment that will help patients with various disabilities in strengthening their injured limbs with minimal interference. - Mazen Salah (31 y.o - Jordan) - a device that would keep cars cool through all seasons. - Sager Fayez (28 y.o - Saudi Arabia) - a reading tool for the blind persons, where books can be scanned and read aloud, as well as translated. - Bassam Jalgha (22 y.o - Lebanon) - an automatic tuner for string instruments. - Yasser Ramil (21 y.o - Morocco) - a wireless mobile phone charger - Imad Al Harithy (23 y.o - Oman) - a mind-controlled wheelchair - Mohammed Khalaf (25 y.o - Palestine) - a vertical keyboard to make typing a more comfortable process. - Ahmed Abou Salim (29 y.o - Palestine) - an oxygenated drink that will give the consumer energy and revitalize the body - Hashem Al Sada (22 - Qatar) - a specific tent fitted with solar panels for electricity generation. - Mohammed Orsod (26 - Sudan) - an oil testing device that allows to determine the quality of cooking oil. - Hassan Deeb (22 - Syria) - a piece of equipment that can generate electricity from waves. - Saber Ben Massoud (24 - Tunisia) - Tyres which can be changed in a lesser amount of time. - Taha Tissaoui (26 - Tunisia) - a device to transport injured patients safely

The show promotes a healthy competitive and team spirit, in that it focuses on a non-eliminatory voting process, where candidates whose projects are not chosen, will join the teams of their peers.

Each of the subsequent weekly episodes, broadcast on Fridays, will revolve around one of the specific challenges of the innovation contest:

- Episode 2: Engineering (June 5) - Episode 3: Design (June 12) - Episode 4: Business (June 19)

During the final episode, to be broadcast live from Aspire Sports Academy in Doha on June 26, and in which the two finalists will be given the opportunity to launch their product, viewers will vote by SMS and telephone to decide the winner of a $300,000 prize.

Starting from tomorrow, Sunday, May 31, the audience will also be able to follow the activities of the candidates and their inner impressions, in daily episodes of this original reality show, broadcast from Sundays to Thursdays.

To be part of this experience, viewers can tune in to one of the 17 channels broadcasting the program, through an unprecedented Pan-Arab partnership:

Qatar Television, ENTV (Algeria); Bahrain TV; Nile Cultural Channel (Egypt); Jordan TV; Saudi 1 (KSA); Kuwait TV; Future TV (Lebanon), Tele Liban (Lebanon); Mauritania TV; Al Aoula (Morocco); Oman TV; Sudan TV; Syria 1, Hannibal TV (Tunisia), Yemen TV and ANA.

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Contacts: For more information on 'Stars of Science' Impact Porter Novelli Lina Matraji Email: or Ceem Haidar Email: Tel: +961-1-367890 For information on Qatar Foundation Tariq Al Sada or Omar Chaikhouni Tel : +974-454-0967

For more information on 'Stars of Science': Impact Porter Novelli, Lina Matraji, Email: or Ceem Haidar, Email:, Tel: +961-1-367890. For information on Qatar Foundation, Tariq Al Sada or Omar Chaikhouni, Tel : +974-454-0967