BOREHAMWOOD, England, June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- TAAP VisitorSpace(TM) is a new product providing mobile information and services for the 'visitor space'. It was created following a successful trial of its TiPS(TM) technology with REED at the International Luxury Travel Market event in Cannes. The venue, the Palais De Festival, was selected because it was regarded as particularly hostile for mobile and cellular technologies.

VisitorSpace(TM) allows users to view information dependent on where they are physically located, using interactive maps. Hence it allows space owners at events; conferences etc., to target people based on their specific location. A network of low-cost TiPS(TM) within a building or venue can be used to deliver an enormous range of interactive applications for business users or consumers.

Steve Higgon, TAAP's Product Architect comments that VisitorSpace(TM) is now viable because the mobile market is mature and because of consumer awareness, mainly driven by Apple and its iPhone. This makes exciting new applications possible and commercially viable.

VisitorSpace(TM) provides 'space owners' with valuable information and offers new ways of marketing to, and engaging with mass audiences. It allows foot fall and time-stamped location information to be collected and analysed. Its GeoForms(TM) capture dynamic data and provide information and applications relevant to the user's position or proximity to something. This is ideal for exhibitions and conferences; for instance providing a voucher if a user visits an exhibit and subsequently passing the sales lead to the exhibitor.

Gordon Smillie, TAAP's CEO, formerly Microsoft's UK Sales Director, commented I was excited to join TAAP because of its potential, which is based on a rich and diverse set of technologies and applications. It's a horizontal platform of technologies that can be delivered into any vertical market.

VisitorSpace(TM) will be available late August 2009 for Apple iPhone, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices.

It will also be simultaneously available via the TAAP Store - the app store for business.

VisitorSpace(TM) and TiPS(TM); are recent additions to its product family, which includes TAAP Field Force and TAAP Data Capture products, already used by many global enterprise organisations.

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