BOREHAMWOOD, England, July 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- TAAP's recent face-to-face fundraising seminar held in conjunction with Microsoft, enabled charities, fundraising agencies, and the press to hear about Shelter's success since they implemented TAAP's data capture and direct debit software on mobile devices.

Shelter's Face-to-Face Manager presented a candid account of the issues and adoption methods that the organisation has had to address since they decided to implement mobile devices with electronic data capture forms for donor sign-ups. Although replacing paper mandate forms did require a certain amount of training and getting over the fear associated with new ways of working, ultimately Shelter has managed to achieve a reduction in the number of days required to process direct debits - from 55 down to 39 (which it plans to reduce further to 29 days), and has virtually eliminated non-processible direct debit instructions due to incorrect data (down from 7% to less than 1%).

The benefits achieved from faster, more accurate and more secure data processing provided by the TAAP software means that Shelter has improved its bottom line by approx. GBP100K per annum. Shelter is now using TAAP's mobile software for its London, Manchester, and Leeds face-to-face and door-to-door fundraising teams which means the number of users has risen to seventy from the initial trial of seven devices.

TAAP's Managing Director - Gordon Smillie - commented We're delighted that our charity clients are realising the significant benefits of mobile technology combined with customised software applications.

TAAP provides a range of software applications for both charitable organisations and fundraising agencies so that direct debit validations can be made on the street, and postcodes of donors can be input to verify addresses. This ensures accurate data is captured and is securely processed into back-office systems or web portals provided by TAAP.

Charity and agency representatives who attended the seminar expressed genuine interest in using customised software applications on mobile devices as an alternative to collecting direct debit mandates and donor contact details on paper, which suggests the industry really is taking mobile working seriously and sees the benefits of collecting and storing data securely in the cloud.

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