BOREHAMWOOD, England, June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Ember Lathom, a subsidiary of Northgate Plc, has implemented TAAP's mobile application software to improve paper processing and has realised savings of GBP1M to date. The implementation has the potential to save GBP33M if rolled-out across the whole of Northgate.

The system paid for itself in a matter of weeks and helped Ember Lathom to achieve no.1 leanest company within the Northgate group, with a staff-to-vehicle ratio of 1:55.

From the project being confirmed to being ready-to-roll-out was merely 3 weeks including back-office integration with HireMate, and driver/manager training. The planned 16 week parallel-running period (where paper and TAAP were used in tandem), was cut to 3 days when it became obvious paper processing was unnecessary.

On choosing TAAP as the mobile workforce software supplier, Ian Eccles, Managing Director of Ember Lathom admits: It was not a difficult decision. We narrowed the choice down to Taskmaster from TBS, and TAAP, but the combination of technology, pricing and service from TAAP meant that when we considered the group requirements, it was a no-brainer.

There were several benefits from the system which were more significant than predicted:

- reducing damage assessment processing - the best appraiser was placed in the office as a central point of contact, to provide instant assessments and authorisations back to field workers - dramatically improved management reporting - has enabled the business to re-assess operations and spot areas to save money and improve customer service - increased positive brand perception - customer feedback has highlighted the change in perception of the company's brand, as it is now viewed more favourably.

On choosing Microsoft Windows Mobile 5/6 Professional for this client, Steve Higgon, TAAP's Product Architect commented: we needed to be able to collect electronic signatures annotate photos on the PDA at the road side. This was an important capability to help reduce disputes. The other devices on the market couldn't support these features because of hardware limitations, and a lack of stylus support.

Northgate is now deploying the TAAP system elsewhere in the group to achieve similar benefits. The full case study is available to view at: 0final%20version.pdf

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