LONDON, October 6, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Globalpark, a leading provider of panel community and survey software, has become the preferred feedback management platform for leading provider of mobile phones and broadband O2. By using Globalpark technology, the company is able to engage with and survey the opinions of its employees on a range of strategic communications.

Working with Globalpark ensures the company can connect with its more than 5000 employees and ensure corporate communications are effective across the firm. Using Globalpark has given us a prime opportunity to fully connect with our internal audience, helping us understand the wishes and needs of our employees and giving us direction on important internal topics such as workplace performance, health and leadership comments Roland Kuntze, Vice President Corporate Communications of O2.

Globalpark has assisted O2 with a range of projects including 'workplace performance', the results of which helped to develop conditions and processes linked to O2 workplaces and 'media usage', evaluating the use of media (intranet, newsletter, internal company magazine etc) by its employees.

We are delighted that working with Globalpark has helped O2 connect with its employees and given them insights that have helped guide the direction of their strategic communications, comments Dr. Lorenz Graf, CEO at Globalpark. In the current economic climate, it has never been so important for firms to ensure they are fully engaged with their internal audience.

About Globalpark

Globalpark provides panel community and survey software that enables organizations to manage what matters across the enterprise. By capturing feedback and tracking behaviour of customers, employees and partners, they gain insights that drive better business decisions. By identifying and empowering influential advocates, they build reputation and extend reach.

Founded in 1999, Globalpark software is German-engineered and globally-tested by leading brands and top market research institutes, including: Continental, Daimler, General Mills, GfK, IDG, Nintendo, Sony Music, TNS and Warner Music. Globalpark is staffed by renowned research pioneers, with offices across the US, UK, Germany and Austria.

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