MUNICH and HALLBERGMOOS, Germany, June 9 /PRNewswire/ --

- Building Management via IP Phone / Communication Using Smartphones

The latest developments of the IP telephony world will be presented on the Cisco Developer Network Launch taking place in Bedfont Lakes, Feltham, near London's airport Heathrow on June 25. The Munich-based unified communications specialist ANDTEK shows, how easy it can be to open doors, to activate alarm signals, to close shutters, to control heating installations or to start electric devices via IP phones. Another central point will be one of ANDTEK's unified communications solutions enabling companies to carry out all their entire business applications using mobile devices from different vendors.

Using one of ANDTEK's core products it is possible to integrate almost all electrical components into the voice/data network and to control it via this network. A controller transmits signals from and to the IP phone system and thus informs about the status of electrical components (e.g. lighting off, shutters opened etc.). Sensors being additionally integrated into the unified communications solution can be used as trigger for certain actions - e.g. temperature adjustment, light luminance, heating warmth etc. The application area is very versatile and ranges among other things over the control of building equipment and complete production machines up to the control of security installations.

Another unified communications solution, ANDTEK will be presenting in London, offers the possibility to have access to complex business applications and company information at any time and independent from the location using any modern smartphone - iPhone, Blackberry, Windows-Mobile or Android mobile phone.

Whatever smartphone is used, it is not necessary to install a special software in order to get access to a company network.

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Press Contact: Fuchs Pressedienst und Partner, Journalisten PartG, Franz Fuchs, Phone: +49(0)8231-6093536,