NEW DELHI, India, July 19 -- US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chose the
LEED Platinum rated ITC Green Centre to announce a vision for Indo-US
collaboration on climate change. Secretary Clinton, after a tour of ITC’s
green building, said that, The ITC Green Centre is a monument to the future.
This Centre is a model of environmental stewardship and economic development,
which provides inspiration as we approach the Copenhagen discussions. Secretary
Clinton said that if buildings across the globe replicated ITC Green
Centre’s example, global energy use would be reduced by 20 %. She
expressed her admiration for ITC’s commitment and work on sustainability
issues which underscored the fact that there was no conflict between poverty and
economic development.

The ITC Green Centre is one of the world’s first largest green buildings
to receive the top-most Platinum rating from the US Green Building Council for
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The building, which has
utilized innovation, cutting edge technology and design integration to achieve
new benchmarks in energy efficiency and water conservation, is a manifestation
of ITC’s leadership in Sustainability Practices.

An exemplar from the developing world, ITC’s Sustainability Vision has
enabled it to become the only company in the world to be carbon positive, water
positive and solid waste recycling positive, the three major global
environmental distinctions. By embedding inclusive corporate strategies, its
businesses have generated nearly 5 million livelihoods, many of whom represent
the weakest sections in India.

ITC’s Green Centre uses CO2 monitoring systems to enhance Indoor Air
Quality to provide the freshest air, uses natural lighting to reduce energy
load, has zero water discharge, and even uses natural plants that need minimum

Amongst ITC’s sustainability initiatives are the e-Choupal, the
world’s largest rural digital infrastructure that empowers 4 million
farmers, Social and Farm Forestry programs that have cumulatively generated 40
million mandays of employment for poor tribals and marginal farmers, and
Watershed Development programmes that irrigate nearly 44,000 hectares. The
Company’s community engagement projects encompass Rural Supplementary
Education reaching out to over 1,80,000 children, Women Empowerment programmes
that have created over 20,000 rural women entrepreneurs and Integrated Livestock
Development services provided to over 2,70,000 milch animals.

Contact Details : Nazeeb Arif Vice President Corporate Communications ITC Ltd
37, J L Nehru Road Kolkata - 700 027. India


Contact Details : Nazeeb Arif, Vice President, Corporate Communications, ITC
Ltd, 37, J L Nehru Road, Kolkata - 700 027. India.