NEW YORK, April 29, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Powering finance with data management innovations, Volante Technologies, Inc. today announced the availability of updates to the Volante product suite with support for the latest SWIFT Standards Release 2010 as well as EBAM (Electronic Bank Account Management). Available as plug-ins to Volante integration tools, these include fully functional versions of the newest ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 standards, the complete catalog of all SWIFT messages and all SWIFT business rules specified in SR 2010.

Volante customers and partners like our consistency in quality and delivery of annual SWIFT upgrades every year, well in advance of SWIFT deployment deadlines, said Vijay Oddiraju, CEO. With early access, they gain tremendous time-to-market advantage in every kind of project - from onboarding new users to deploying MT-MX coexistence with the latest SWIFT version.

Support for the new EBAM standard enables corporates and banks to automate the current paper-based processes used for bank account management, saving significant cost and time. Volante also supports all major financial standards such as EDI, BAI2, ISO8583, ACH, etc., as well as providing the ability to capture proprietary formats used by internal applications. This enables easy adoption of messaging standards without extensive retooling of these applications.

Volante is infrastructure agnostic. SWIFT messaging solutions developed using Volante can be seamlessly integrated into a customer's existing middleware, such as J2EE application servers, service oriented architectures (SOA) or existing applications.

About Volante

The first SWIFT vendor partner to win the SWIFT Messaging Data Services designation, Volante Technologies has been accelerating data management for the financial services industry since 2001. Volante provides integration solutions for low-latency environments, service oriented-architectures, vendor data consolidation, event processing, SWIFT message integration and other complex data challenges. Its metadata-based technology also enables data governance and model-driven data initiatives.

Volante solutions are employed by buy-side and sell-side institutions around the globe, corporate treasuries, financial industry utilities and exchanges. For more information, visit

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