ADA, Michigan, February 6 /PRNewswire/ --

Amway Corporation (Quixtar in the U.S. and Canada) has discovered an internet scam that uses a bogus Amway charity as a lure. Amway cautions individuals to be on the lookout for e-mails from a group calling itself the "Amway Children Charity Foundation".

Please be advised that this is not an Amway-sanctioned program and the name, program and people indicated in the e-mails are not related to Amway in any way and do not have Amway's authority or support.

The goal of the scam is to trick people into sending money to the fraudulent charity. The bogus group sends an e-mail informing the recipient that he/she has been selected as a recipient of a grant to help establish a children's help center to assist poor children in the area. A nomination code number may be given, and banking information is requested. If the recipient responds, an indemnity bond of several hundred euros is demanded. The e-mails may be signed from "Dr. Kevin Brown" or someone else claiming to be a grant processing officer.

Fraudulent activities involving payment or release of personal financial information can be committed electronically from a remote location, including overseas. Committing these activities in cyberspace allows scam artists to act quickly and cover their tracks before the victim becomes aware of the theft.

This type of fraud is identified by the FBI as an Advanced Fee scheme which occurs when the victim pays money to someone in anticipation of receiving something of greater value, such as a grant, loan or gift, and then receives little or nothing in return.

This "Amway Children Charity Foundation" scam has been circulated by e-mail in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. Recipients are advised to not respond or reply in any way. Amway is currently investigating the origin of the scam and authorities have been notified. If you have information or questions about this scam, please contact Amway through its Corporate Communications Department at +1-616-787-7565.

Corporate Communications Department, Amway, +1-616-787-7565