ANDOVER, England, December 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Cards for Good Causes today revealed the results of its 2008 Christmas card survey, revealing the UK's Christmas card habits. It found that people are a little like one of the five characters summarised below depending on how they buy, send and think about Christmas cards. Each character is female, simply because women still buy and send more than 90% of Christmas cards.

Generous Georgia - it's got to be a charity card

Georgia simply wouldn't dream of sending any card but a charity card at Christmas. She buys her cards on-line and from charity card shops. Preferring religious and peace themes on cards, the fact that the card supports a charity matters more than the design or price.

Social Susie - more cards than most

For Susie, Christmas is a time to get in touch with friends. She'll send more than 100 cards - and get as many in return. Susie will spend hours drafting her round robin letter to everyone as well as making sure people get a Christmas e-mail from her too. Susie prefers traditional Christmas scenes on her cards.

Techno Tash - do it all on-line

Tash - when she sends real cards - buys them on line. But really, she prefers to text or e-mail her Christmas greetings. In previous years' surveys, we'd have found that Tash keeps her Christmas card list electronically too. Perhaps surprisingly, she prefers traditional Christmas scenes on her cards.

Organised Olivia - everything prepared in advance

Olivia plans Christmas like a military operation. Cards are bought - at the latest - in summer. Perhaps it's because she sends so many cards that she's so organised - more than 100 each year. Olivia likes religious and traditional charity cards and is more likely than average to get the whole family involved in writing them.

Panicking Poppy - What? Christmas already?

Poppy is thoroughly popular, sending nearly 100 cards each year, but she just can't get organised in time. That means it's always a rush for her to finish writing and posting her cards, but she still searches out charity ones, preferring humorous and peace themes. She'll buy her cards on-line and from the supermarket.

About Cards for Good Causes

Cards for Good Causes gives back at least 79p in every GBP1 for every card sold, and sells cards on behalf of more than 320 national and local charities in around 350 temporary shops.

In the past five years over 300 charities have received more than GBP20 million from Cards for Good Causes for their Christmas card sales out of which they had to pay for the production and distribution of their cards and any VAT.

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