ST PETERSBURG, Russia, March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The mobile arms race is over. It has left behind a kaleidoscope of services, just a few of which bring any noticeable revenue. Now a new epoch of effective business-critical VAS with a short payback period has begun. Bercut X-tones is one such solution.

In October 2006, the RBT service based on X-tones was launched by the MTS Belarus network, and gained immediate success. Within a year of commercial operation the penetration rate of the service reached 20%, which we are proud to consider a very high level of service consumption by our subscribers. These figures break all records on the CIS market.

As a result of the high popularity, this service contributes significantly to the overall income of our company. Along with the financial benefit, we obtain an intangible effect - enhancement of subscriber loyalty, says Vadim Tatyanenko, Head of Marketing Department at JLLC MTS.

In May 2008 an upgrade took place and a new release of X-tones was installed. The introduction of the melody's lifetime period feature provided new functionality that will ensure further development of RBT service on our network and will certainly increase our incomes from the service.

Today, only those solutions are needed that have a payback period of less than a year, notes Vladimir Filipyev, Chief Clients Relations Officer at Bercut Ltd. X-tones fully meets this requirement, and the estimated revenue to be generated annually by the solution is $1.33 per subscriber, while some of our customers manage to get up to $3 per subscriber annually.

X-tones is a personal entertainment service that allows mobile subscribers to replace the standard Ring Back Tone (RBT) with melodies or voice messages for both incoming and outgoing calls. The solution serves more than 70 million subscribers in 9 countries of the world.

Bercut provides large global telecom holdings with customized, end-to-end solutions that ensure the largest profit with proven rates of financial profit per subscriber.

Customers of the company are listed among the TOP-50 World's Largest Telecommunications Service Providers

Bercut solutions serve a total of 300 million subscribers

Bercut solutions generate profits of over US$1.5 billion annually

The Bercut solutions portfolio generates annual revenue of US$15 per available subscriber

The satisfaction level of our customers is estimated at 7.6 points on a 10-point scale

Bercut's strategic partners are Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks

Contact: Natalia Penkina +7-812-327-3233

Natalia Penkina,, +7-812-327-3233