LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, November 2 /PRNewswire/ -- XLAB was once again selected to travel to Japan on a business mission as part of the EU Gateway programme. In addition, XLAB attended a key IT conference in Florianopolis, the Brazilian Silicon Valley, as well as presenting its ISL Online software solutions (http://www.islonline.com) at GITEX Technology week recently in Dubai.

XLAB chosen by the European Commission - once again

XLAB, the Slovenian high-tech company, once again succeeded in joining the top 40 European IT companies chosen by the European Commission, as part of the EU Gateway to Japan programme 2009. Once in Japan, it will showcase its innovative products and technology, while representing the European IT segment together with other chosen companies on the Programme.

The EU Gateway to Japan Programme is part of a wider EU strategy with the main aim of enabling entry into the Japanese market by European companies.

The XLAB representatives together with other selected companies will be on a business mission to Tokyo at the end of November. For XLAB, which was first selected to join the programme in 2005, this will be its 4th such mission. XLAB's entry into the Japanese market began a few years ago with its ISL Online internet communication services. Today its software is in use by some of the Japanese industrial giants.

XLAB chosen again, this time in Brazil

During the last week of October XLAB attended the International Business Round for innovative companies at the Global Forum on Innovation Entrepreneurship in Florianopolis, which is fast gaining a reputation for being the Brazilian Silicon Valley. This Business Round is a joint effort between the Brazilian Association of Science Parks and Business Incubators, supported by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Commerce of Brazil. The organizers, in collaboration with Technology Parks from all around the world, attracted many IT companies to the event. Of these, fifteen of the most innovative, and potentially most interesting for Brazilian business, were selected, among which rated a successful XLAB.

Brazil alone is potentially a major new market for XLAB, while at the same time representing a stepping stone for entry into the remaining markets of Latin American countries. And finally, the international Forum event was an excellent opportunity to search for local business partners and getting to know the local IT market. ISL Online software solutions which XLAB intends to use for its entry into the Brazilian market have already been translated into Portuguese language, soon to follow with the Brazilian version.

The interesting Middle East

XLAB sells most of its ISL Online licenses within EU, Japan and USA markets. But since its future plans extend well beyond these boundaries, the company showcased its IT solutions at the region's largest ICT business event in Dubai, the GITEX Technology Week. XLAB's ISL Online tools for internet communications allow reliable and efficient IT support; tools that are of utmost importance in any information society. The fast-growing markets of the Middle East, where most countries enjoy above average purchasing power, are therefore of great interest to XLAB.

http://www.islonline.com, http://www.xlab.si

About XLAB

XLAB is an RD company, developing easy-to-use and on-demand business applications for remote desktop support and access, web meetings and instant live chats. Products are bundled together in an 'All in One' pack to offer any individual or company -small, midsized or large businesses - a new, easier and secure way to access remote PCs, or enabling collaboration with clients, partners and employees in real time. In addition, ISL Online products enjoy a reputation for being extremely easy to set up and use, technologically superior, and above all, reliable and affordable.


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